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Top Food Influencers in Ahmedabad

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અમદાવાદ ની વાત કરો અને ખાવાની વાત ના આવે આ તો બનેજ નહિ. Amdavadis are CRAZY about food, not just any food but trying and experimenting with new flavours. That’s why you will find numerous cafes and hotels in Ahmedabad. Just four to five years ago, who would have thought that food appreciation could be a whole career?

Here are food influencers, individuals who have turned food tasting and reviewing into an art and a job. These influencers seek out hidden culinary gems within the city and share their discoveries with their followers. In this blog, we will look at the food influencers in Ahmedabad, because foodies = Amdavadis! એ હાલો

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Top Food Influencers in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad folks, check out these food bloggers in Ahmedabad. They are on a daily food quest, sharing mouth-watering dishes that are worth trying. Their honest reviews will save you time! Scroll down and indulge in their feed!

Ahmedabadi Mehul

Mehul is one of the popular food influencers in Ahmedabad, with an impressive 330k followers. His journey began by exploring local and hidden gems of street food in Ahmedabad. What sets Mehul apart is his use of Gujarati lingo and the term ‘લબાલબ’ (means full) in every food reel. Beyond food, Mehul has expanded his content to feature local shops in Ahmedabad, including clothing and mobile accessories. In his signature local Gujarati style, he wraps up each reel with a friendly “Don’t wait, head there now!” creating a personal connection with his followers.

Trendy food Ahmedabad

Meet Hiral and Jaimin, the dynamic food blogger in Ahmedabad. Their bio promises, ‘देखोगे तो भूख तो लगेगी’ (Translation: If you see, you are sure to get hungry), and their reels live up to it. With a whopping 170k followers, they take you on a delicious journey through Ahmedabad’s diverse food scene. These two aren’t just about food; they’re all about fun too! Mixing humour with the latest trends, they use trending audio to spice up their reels. It’s like they bring the heart of Ahmedabad’s famous places right to your screen. Follow along for a tasty adventure!

Mahima Iyer

She is your go-to food influencer in Ahmedabad! With 105k followers, she’s the queen of the foodie scene. Mahima’s tried and tested over 500 places and counting – that’s right, 10,000 outlets explored! Her Insta feed is a delicious blend of street food adventures and epic buffet tales. Ready to take a bite? Check her page on Instagram!

Food sanyasi

This page is managed by Dhruv Shah, and he’s got a massive following of 62K. He chats about everything – food, skincare, travel and lifestyle. What’s cool? He captures mouthwatering food and places in awesome videos, adding a trending audio twist. Whether street food or fancy hotels, Dhruv shares reviews on all sorts of things.

Hungry Insan

Meet Dishant Upadhyaya, the food influencer in Ahmedabad with 57.7k followers. He has got the top 25 places to eat in Ahmedabad and he has already shared 6 parts. He Apart from sharing food places– he is your guide to cool spots like trampoline parks. Check out his reels for trendy audios and sometimes his voice too.

Flavours of Ahmedabad

This page is of Dr. Vidhi Joshi, a dentist by profession but a food blogger by passion. With 49.4k followers, she shares video reviews of food places, adding her friendly voiceover in her natural Gujarati accent. Her soft and approachable way of talking makes her food adventures even more delightful.

The hungry bee

Mahek Shah is the hungry bee who can make your stomach growl just by scrolling through your phone. With 40.5k followers, she shares her food adventures in English on her reels, diving into the specialities of the places she visits and the delicious dishes she indulges in. Besides being a food influencer in Ahmedabad, she works as a digital marketer and product stylist.

That’s how we eat

Meet Harshita, the ultimate foodie on a mission for the best bites in Ahmedabad! Follow her to discover the top eateries and must-try dishes. If you’re a cheese lover, her feed is a paradise of gooey, cheesy delights. Don’t miss out on the deliciousness!

Riyas food journey

Riya Pathak, with 35.2k followers, is a vibrant food influencer in Ahmedabad. Dive into her profile for cafe reviews, travel vlogs and quick recipes. She not only shares her experiences but also dishes out detailed insights into each place’s unique selling points (USPs). Plus, she’s your go-to for tasty recommendations when you decide to check out these spots.

Shuddh bliss

They are two food enthusiasts running this page from the heart of Ahmedabad. With 10.4k awesome followers, the bio proudly declares, I think about food every day,’ and our feed pretty much backs that up. What’s their thing? Exploring the mouthwatering street foods and cosy cafes in Ahmedabad! They take you on a journey with videos of these places, capturing not just the ambience but the sheer joy of savouring delicious food.

In Conclusion

If you are running a hotel, cafe, food truck or anything food-related in Ahmedabad, teaming up with these influencers must be on your marketing radar. It’s the secret sauce for getting the visibility and boost your business deserves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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