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We are your brand’s digital therapists. If you have a problem to solve or a product to sell, we can help. We are a team of creative engineers spanning specialities like branding, research, website development, design, content writing, creative shoot management and digital marketing through social media, search engine optimization and paid promotions.

You talk, we listen. And together we come up with intelligent solutions to help tell your story and sell your brand.

Meet Flora Fountain’s chief digital therapists, the two partners, Vasim and Shefali.


Founder and partner, Shefali heads Content and Technology at Flora Fountain. She is a digital media professional and writer with more than 15 years of experience working with media giants like HBO, Conde Nast and New Yorker during her decade-long stint in New York. She has also been product manager for Vogue, GQ and Conde Nast Traveller in India.

After her stint with Conde Nast in Bombay, her plan was always to move back to New York. But then Flora Fountain happened almost coincidentally, an idea discussed enthusiastically, and somewhat impulsively, with a long-time mentor. The lifelong fascination for Bombay gave the company its name, its initial home and clients. Over the years what started as a website and content focused agency, with clients like National Geographic Traveller, became a digital agency as we grew in confidence, strength and execution. Today, Flora Fountain is a digital agency that offers businesses with all digital marketing solutions under one roof, right from website design and ecommerce management to providing SEO services and shoot management.

Shefali is a MA in journalism and a one-time engineer who started her career writing front-end code! Apart from this, Shefali is a freelance culture and travel writer published in major magazines like National Geographic Traveller, GQ and Conde Nast Traveller. A connoisseur of bad bollywood, bad horror, good food and good comedy, she also runs #RickPick on Instagram to document the kitsch in everyday life, especially in auto rickshaws. Shefali is also a stand-up artist and co-founder of a comedy collective named, Mahila Manch.


As partner, Vasim heads Business and Marketing Strategy at Flora Fountain. He is an MBA in marketing and having worked with multiple MNC Banks has a demonstrated experience of over a decade. Armed with market research, digital marketing strategy and branding experience, Vasim’s passion and skill lies in selling the right product to its target audience at a price that makes both the seller and buyer happy. He has an in-depth understanding and a yearning to understand even more about the human psyche and its effect on consumer behaviour.

Vasim believes in ‘Creation.’ He holds that the creation of novel ideas, strategies and trends is what moulds people and brands. At Flora Fountain, he aspires to create a community of free-thinkers who thrive on borderless creativity, and who can give even an ordinary pen a unique identity. One of his core beliefs is to provide the best of services and products to his clients and our work is a testimony of the genuinity of these beliefs. Vasim has helped more than 500 business owners understand the value of network marketing. In the past, he has served as a Senior Director with BNI Ahmedabad.

When not in his dapper suits, Vasim is a closeted poet and has also moonlighted as a stand-up comedian with a prominent Ahmedabad-based comedy collective. With Vasim, Flora Fountain manifested its confidence in ideas and execution to local and national brands.


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