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Top 10 Hospitality Influencers in Gujarat

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Choosing the best hotel in an unfamiliar place can be overwhelming. Especially in destinations like Gujarat, where numerous places await exploration, visitors may find it challenging to identify the ideal accommodation. This is where you can seize an opportunity to showcase your hotel. Gujarat’s hospitality influencers, ready with smartphones and a passion for exploration, act as digital guides, helping visitors navigate through the choices to discover your ideal hotel.

In this blog, we will look at the top 10 hospitality influencers in Gujarat, highlighting their unique perspectives and how they can help you secure the top spot on the list of hotels. So, grab your coffee, and let’s explore!

Table of contents 

  1. How Influencers Benefit Hotels
  2. Top Hospitality Influencers in Gujarat
  3. In Conclusion
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

How Influencers Benefit Hotels

Influencer collaborations help hotels to raise awareness of their business. Many hotels provide free stays or other benefits and in exchange, the influencer posts content about their hotel and shares it with their audience. Some hotels might even compensate influencers to produce sponsored content, such as a hotel tour video or a review of their visit.

Influencers can benefit hotels by increasing their online visibility. They tag the hotel in their posts, use relevant hashtags and share their experiences with their followers. This could end up in a rise in brand recognition and bring in more guests to the hotel.

Overall, influencer marketing benefits hotels by helping them connect with more people and increase their visibility in the competitive hospitality industry. 

Top Hospitality Influencers in Gujarat

1. Kalp Vaidya

Meet Kalp Vaidya, a hospitality influencer from Vadodara, Gujarat. He has an impressive 277K followers. Beyond hospitality, he talks about lifestyle, fashion and travel influencing. Featured in prominent platforms like Times of India, Dailyhunt and Google News, Kalp’s credibility speaks for itself.

Kalp explores various hotels, events and cafes in Vadodara to provide insightful reviews and information to his followers. In the reel below, he showcases the Grand Mercure Surya Palace in Vadodara, highlighting its services, rooms and food. The caption emphasises the hotel’s unique offerings.

For hotels in Vadodara seeking local exposure, reaching out to Kalp is a smart move. This is especially beneficial for newly opened hotels in Vadodara. 

2. Eat in Vadodara

This page is managed by Karan Thakkar, with a following of 181K. Karan, originally a hospitality influencer from Vadodara, has now become a globetrotter. In his recent reel, he shared insights about his stay at the Hyatt Hotel in Vadodara.

Karan highlighted various aspects of the hotel experience, showcasing its ambience, innovative services like the digital room unlocking via phone, his comfortable room, the inviting pool and the scenic view from his balcony. Wrapping up the reel, he thoughtfully mentioned the hotel’s location for the convenience of his followers.

3. Crunchy Gourmet

Shruti Shukla is one of the hospitality influencers in Ahmedabad. With 81.6k followers, she shares insights on food, travel and staycations in the city. In her recent reels, she explores two renowned 5-star hotels: Crowne Plaza and Novotel. Shruti takes you on a visual journey through the sumptuous brunch experiences at both hotels. In the captions, she highlights the prices and offers available at the Novotel buffet.

4. Datta Shelat

She is a renowned hospitality influencer in Ahmedabad and a digital content creator. With 53.5k followers, she can influence and endorse hospitality brands effectively. Her account has a clean and stylish aesthetic, with well-edited and visually appealing photos. This not only enhances the overall appeal of the account but also attracts new followers.

In a recent reel, she shared insights about the reopening and the new look of the Patang Hotel in Ahmedabad. Hotels in Ahmedabad can benefit from partnering with her to tap into a broader audience. With her substantial following, Datta Shelat provides a valuable platform for brands to connect with the Ahmedabad community.


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5.  Divya Kankaria

She is an influencer from Vadodara with 51.8k followers. Her feed is a delightful mix of restaurant and cafe experiences, sprinkled with recipes and the latest food trends. Noteworthy recommendations from her include The House of Earthmonk, Effotel Vadodara and Choice. Passionate about food and keen on exploring the hospitality industry, she’s always up for trying new things.

6. Dharmikaa

Dharmika, a fashion, travel and lifestyle content creator based in Ahmedabad, boasts a following of 40.2K on social media. She reviews products, attends events and explores hotels, sharing her experiences on her account. In the post below she visited ITC Narmada and posted on her Instagram. For hotels looking to collaborate with influencers like hers, reaching out to a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad is key. 

7. Sahibaa Arora

She is a fashion designer and influencer. Sahiba has a large following of 37.6k and is known for her stylish outfits and glamorous lifestyle. She is also invited to hotels in Ahmedabad for collaboration. Passionate about her work, Sahiba actively uses the platform to help her followers make informed decisions when selecting the best hotels. 


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8. Bianca Saurastri

She is a senior actor and content manager at curlytales. But her passion lies in food, travel and lifestyle. She visits various places and talks about the local food there and also posts picture of the hotel she is staying in. She has 30.5k followers on Instagram. 


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9.  Anchor Arzoo

She is a travel influencer, foodie and YouTuber with 23.3k followers. She shares her adventures to different destinations and collaborates with various brands, promoting products like hotels and fashion items. Here, she can be seen relaxing in the bathtub at the Novotel Hotel in Ahmedabad.


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10. Foodie Rupal

A hospitality influencer based in Surat, Rupal has a following of 20k. She shares insights on food spots in Surat and explores hotels in Mumbai, capturing and sharing her experiences. In this reel, watch Rupal stroll through the Marriott Hotel in Surat, offering glimpses of her delightful experience.

In Conclusion

Gujarat has numerous hospitality and food influencers, presenting a golden opportunity for your hotel brand to reach potential customers and expand its local presence. If you are a hotel in Ahmedabad seeking collaborations with influencers, reach out to us at We are a social media marketing company based in Ahmedabad, dedicated to helping you connect with suitable influencers and maintain a strong social media presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tourism influencers are the ones who share travel content, inspiring social users to explore the destinations they recommend. From accommodations and food to local gems, they guide you through the best experiences.
One way to discover hotel influencers is by using Google and searching for keywords related to the hospitality industry. Another option is to explore Instagram hashtags for hotel bloggers. If you prefer a hassle-free approach, consider reaching out to a digital agency for assistance.
Yes, the Hyatt Regency Attaché Program shortlists influencers and bloggers based on a thorough evaluation process.

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