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How to Talk with Hurati’s: A Look Into TOV & Personality of The Diamond City

A road, buildings with light, people and a big diamond

When you hear Surat, the first thing that comes to your mind is..Diamonds, right? Pan Hurat maa biju ghanuy ha. Surat has a rich history, heritage and a friendly vibe. From tasty street food to lively Garba beats, it’s a city of colourful experiences. To conquer the city t for your business, grasp Surat’s culture and values and unique tone of voice. Don’t worry; our friendly digital marketing agency is here to help you connect with Hurati audiences.

Table of Contents

  1. Surat – People, Language, Food, Art and Culture
  2. The Tone of Voice and Personality of Surat
  3. How Businesses Can Talk With Surati People
  4. Additional Tips for Businesses Related to TOV of Surat
  5. In Conclusion
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Surat – People, Language, Food, Art and Culture

A collage that shows the food, language art & culture of Surat

People: The people in Surat are very straightforward in their communication. While this may initially come off as direct, it’s important to know that they are genuinely courteous and friendly and love to celebrate life. They believe in “jalso karvaano and jalso karavvano.” Proud of their heritage, Surati folks cherish family, community and, of course, the glitzy world of business. The women here have a keen interest in shopping and family travel.

Language: When it comes to language, Suratis primarily speak Gujarati, but it’s a unique Surati Gujarati, featuring a distinct ‘ha’ (હ) instead of ‘sa’ (સ) in certain words – like હાંતી instead of શાંતિ.

Food: Huratis are CRAZY about it! Some of their famous food items include Locho, sev khamni, Surti Ghari, Cold coco, chinese, Undhiyu and Rasawala Khaman. The food of Surat is a little bit spicier than the other cities of Gujarat.

Art & Culture: Surat lights up during festivals like Navaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali. A unique celebration is Chand Padvo, where Surtis offer food to the Gods and relish snacky delights under the open sky on the biggest full moon day of the Hindu calendar. The city takes pride in its rich cultural heritage, showcasing traditional arts like Ras, Garba, Siddi Dance, Dandi Nritya and the famous local folk drama, Bhavai. Surat’s handicrafts include bandhej lehengas, torans, matanis, mashru, tangalia, deesa and zari.

The Tone of Voice and Personality of Surat

Surat as a city speaks with a unique tone of warmth and simplicity. It’s like meeting a friend who is both straightforward and friendly, making you feel instantly welcome.

The personality of Surat is like a vibrant one. It’s a city that takes pride in its heritage, much like a grandparent sharing stories of the good old days.

In Surat, the people are a blend of business-minded practicality and the joyous spirit of festivities. It’s like a lively street market where you find a mix of the hustle of commerce and the laughter of families enjoying their time together.

The language, a unique version of Gujarati, adds a playful twist to everyday conversations.

In essence, Surat’s tone of voice is simple and friendly with a touch of spice, creating an experience that’s as inviting as a cup of chai shared with a dear friend.

How Businesses Can Talk With Surati People

A mic with elements of surat around it

So, how do you weave their vibrant culture into your brand tone of voice? Below are some strategies that you can follow:

Influencer Marketing

Find Surati influencers who embody your brand’s personality and values. Collaborate on social media campaigns, product reviews or even community initiatives. They act as trusted voices and bridge the gap between your brand and their audience. To get a list of local Surati influencers, refer to our blog.

Quality video and content

In the age of digital storytelling, invest in high-quality videos and content that resonate with Surati audiences. Capture the essence of Surat’s bustling life and diverse culture and showcase your brand in a way that aligns with their preferences. A reliable digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad can assist in crafting compelling visuals that leave a lasting impact.

Embrace local lingo

Start conversations with Suratis by incorporating a touch of Surati Gujarati. Using phrases or expressions familiar to locals can create an instant connection and make your brand feel more relatable.

Highlight Surati flavours

Don’t forget the food! The way to a Surati’s heart is through their stomach. If you’re a food or snack brand, you have an open playground to explore. Highlight your food or food products most engagingly. Occasionally, delve into Surat’s culinary wonders in your marketing. Partner with food influencers from Surat, host food-related events, and sync with the city’s deep love for delicious treats. A professional social media marketing company can enhance your online presence and bring your food delights to a wider audience.

Must Include Festivals in Your Creativity

Infuse the spirit of Surat’s festivals into your creative content. Whether it’s the vibrant colours of Navratri or the joyous celebrations of Diwali, tailor your marketing to resonate with the festive spirit of Suratis. Connect emotionally through your campaigns, capturing the essence of each festival. This approach will not only showcase your brand’s cultural sensitivity but also make it an integral part of Surat’s festive conversations.

Additional Tips for Businesses Related to TOV of Surat

Cracked the Surat’s Tone of Voice with the Five Strategies? Fantastic! But the real fun lies in the details, that make your brand voice truly sizzle. Here are some additional tips to take your TOV to the next level:

Go beyond text

Experiment with audio ads in Gujarati, funny product demos featuring local actors, or heartwarming video testimonials from Surati customers. Remember, seeing and hearing familiar faces and voices builds trust and connection.

Use Surati slang and humour in marketing

Sprinkling in a playful “jalso padi gayo” adds authenticity and shows you are not just here for business. Bonus points for mastering local foods like “umbadiyu” or “undhiyu”.

Tap into local events and festivals

Keep your finger on the pulse of Surat! Tie your marketing campaigns to local events like the Uttarayan kite festival. A brand that acknowledged the community spirit and offered support won major hearts. Don’t be afraid to reference local jokes or memes (safely, of course!).

In Conclusion

Authenticity is key. Don’t force humour or slang, let it flow naturally. Be respectful of their culture and values, and don’t shy away from showing your appreciation for their unique spirit. With these additional tips, your TOV won’t just be heard in Surat, it will be celebrated. Still have questions? Check out the FAQs below. If you need a digital marketing agency to help you crack the Tone of voice of Surat, Contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

No worries! While understanding Surat’s vibe is helpful, your brand can still connect by adopting a friendly and relatable tone that resonates with Surat’s values.
While knowing Gujarati is an advantage, you can still communicate effectively by embracing a warm and approachable tone or working with a social media marketing company that understands and can communicate in Gujarati.
Absolutely! Suratis appreciate a good laugh. Infusing humour into your marketing can create a connection, but keep it respectful and aligned with local sensibilities.

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