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The Gotilo Song: A Case Study of Viral Marketing by Coca-Cola.

gotillo song viral marketing

Evo kon chhe khalasi mane kaidone, Ena tham ne thekana mane daidone, Gotilo tame gotilo gotilo gotilo… Caught you singing.

Yep, that catchy tune had us all grooving together. It made its mark in posts, videos and ads all around. The voice behind it? None other than Aditya Gadhvi, dropping it with Coke Studio on July 5th, 2023. You couldn’t escape it during Navratri – it played everywhere! So, why was this song the talk of the town for a solid four months, from July to October? We were curious too, and did some digging into viral marketing and here’s the answer to end your curiosity. 

Table of contents 

    1. All About the Song Khalasi
    2. Why Is the Gotilo Song So Famous?
    3. The Song Got Famous Only Because of Marketing?
    4. How to Do Viral Marketing?
    5. In Conclusion
    6. Frequently Asked Questions


All About the Song Khalasi

#khalasi on instagram

The hashtag has more than 84,000 posts

Fans are cheering to the upbeat song “Khalasi,” the latest release from Coke Studio India, which has become the talk of the town after “Passoori.” Social media users have posted videos of themselves dancing and singing along to the song.

“Khalasi” tells the tale of the limitless sailor who has set out to explore the shores of Gujarat. It describes the thrilling journey, his enjoyable encounters and the boundless energy of the sailor. The song is composed by Achint Thakkar of Scam 1992 and sung by Aditya Gadhvi.

Why Is the Gotilo Song So Famous?

Khalasi Instagram

The audio has 1.8 million reels

The Gotilo song became famous with a clever viral marketing strategy. With Coca-Cola as one of its partners, Coke Studio collaborated with the dancer Shakti Mohan, who has a massive 17.8 million followers. That’s some serious influencer power! Shakti danced to the infectious beat of the viral song and encouraged everyone to create their dance routines. The deal was, to share your moves and tag @cokestudiobharat. And just like that, through smart influencer marketing, Gotilo started making waves.

Check out Shakti Mohan’s moves here


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A post shared by Shakti Mohan (@mohanshakti)

Soon enough, more dancers and influencers hopped on the Gotilo trend, creating their routines. The song found its way into Navratri videos, becoming the go-to track for the festival. Here’s a peek at some influencers who grooved to this viral sensation:

1. Alexander noel janam


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A post shared by DANCE➕ 5 (@janam_official)

2. Sparsha Ravindranath

3. Thriteya


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A post shared by Thritheya | The Trio (@thritheya)

4. I dance vibe


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A post shared by SK (@idanceivibe)

5. Kristu jayanti dance academy


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A post shared by KJDA (@kristujayantidanceacademy)

The song has taken the internet by storm with 80 million views on YouTube because it vibes with people’s moods. It proves that music is a universal language – even though it’s in Gujarati, it’s become a global sensation. See what people comment on YouTube about the song.


Youtube Comment Section

Music has no language


The Song Got Famous Only Because of Marketing?

We can’t say it’s a sure shot, but viral marketing played a significant role in getting attention, and then the song just took off. Collaborating with Shakti was a game-changer; without that, the song might not have gone as viral. Sure, the lyrics and the music played a massive part, and credit where it’s due. Coke Studio pulled off a low-cost, smart guerrilla marketing move here. It’s the kind of savvy idea you would expect from a digital marketing agency.

They teamed up with one influencer on a paid partnership basis, and boom, the virality kicked in. The rest is history. To help your brand ride the viral wave, we have listed some pointers for viral Marketing.

How to Do Viral Marketing?

Most viral marketing campaigns follow strategies that will be used in the majority of effective viral campaigns:

  • The writing is original and creative.
  • The content is linked to well-known musicians and celebrities.
  • Users can create, share and do things with the content.
  • Making something worthwhile to share is the first step in viral marketing. People must be engaged by viral content. It will ultimately end up in social media if it doesn’t.

However, creating something valuable alone is insufficient. Getting the content in front of as many people as possible is the next stage after it has been developed. Here’s where viral marketing can help.

Viral marketing generally falls into two categories: intentional and accidental.

  • Strategic viral marketing occurs when a well-thought-out and methodical plan is in place to generate viral content.
  • Accidental viral marketing is when a piece of content goes viral on its own without the original creator’s intention or effort.

Stay tuned for more on viral marketing in our upcoming blogs!

In Conclusion

Missing out on viral marketing is like skipping a boat ride you want to take advantage of! Your brand can be the next one to be the talk of Instagram. If you are looking to boost your brand’s virality, shoot us a message at We are an experienced and viral social media marketing company so let’s set sail on the sea of digital marketing together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aditya Gadhvi is an Indian playback singer and songwriter from Gujarat. He has performed several top-charting Indian songs in multiple languages. He has penned several hits and is a composer for Gujarati films.
Viral marketing is a commercial technique that primarily uses social media platforms to promote a product or service on already-existing social networks.
Yes, viral marketing is a far quicker approach to spreading a message to a broad audience than more conventional marketing techniques.

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