Why package design matters for your brand
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Package Design: The OG Influencer of your brand!

Package Design


No, we didn’t leave the caps-lock on but are screaming at the top of our lungs to make the point. Ever noticed how some of the most delicious looking candy and gum bars are placed right in the customers’ eye-line at the billing counters of supermarkets? Yeah, these products want to draw the customers’ attention towards the bright red, buoyant blue and puckering green through their package design and eventually convince customers to add them to their shopping bag.

Now we’re not just telling you this because we’re the best package design company in Ahmedabad and across Gujarat (which of course we are! *flips hair*), but because we know for a fact that it takes hardly 7 seconds for your potential customer to make a purchase decision. And that’s why your packaging is the biggest influencer of your product. That pretty boy or girl with 100K Instagram followers comes second.

Hear it from the best branding agency on how package design influences purchasing choices among customers and how they can drive your sales in an upward graph.

The one where you catch their eye!

package’s design

Attractive colours, eclectic typography, distinctive shape and size. These elements tend to draw the attention of the consumers, and differentiate a package’s design from the sea of products out there in the market. For instance, walk into a store to buy a box of green tea. Now, in the store shelf, almost all the brands end up using the same light green packaging. But then there is the one which sticks out, with a pastel colour scheme.

A more premium metal container instead of the usual cardboard box and an uncommon, fun mascot in place of the omnipresent slim waist of a woman and the stock image of a glass cup.

It goes without saying that the buyer does check out this odd-one-out product. Whether he/she buys it or not depends on several other factors, but the first round is yours, where the package design has generated curiosity for the brand and caught the eye of the potential customer.

The one where you win with the Ease of Access

Your writer here was once struggling to open a tray of a ready-to-eat meal, and at the end of that bout that lasted precisely 2 minutes, the office floor was the winner as the packet ripped into two and the contents flew out like the squashed tomatoes at the La Tomatina Festival. And she swore to never order such inconvenience again. This was bad packaging costing the brand a customer.

Gaurav Jalan of Packman Packaging emphasises on the importance of ease of access. According to him, when you are designing your packaging, look to incorporate several methods to open it. A package that includes multiple mechanisms, such as loops, hinges, and slide-out trays, would be a lot easier to open than a package that can merely be opened using one way.

Kamaii's new packaging

Kamaii, a home-cooked food ordering and delivery app, onboarded Flora Fountain as their branding agency and digital marketing agency. As one of the premier package design companies in Ahmedabad, we understood the assignment well and upgraded their packaging to easy-to-open containers that separates the food items of their thaali or meals, all shut perfectly with a see-through lid and placed conveniently in an attractively designed sleeve.

The one where you make them feel good about themselves

Being the good guy does pay off rich dividends and a strong, loyal customer base. At a time when we’re being warned by our scientists about the ill-effects of plastic packaging and how it takes up to 1000 years to degrade naturally, not only go for sustainable forms of packaging but let the customers know about it too.

How, you ask? Scream it out loud in your packaging. Tell them about the material used in manufacturing that box, cup, container, bag in which their product is being packed. Let your customer know that by buying your product, they’re actually contributing towards making the world a better place to live for the future generations. Educating your customers through branding in this way, makes life easier in the marketing of this brand for a digital marketing agency!

non-conventional artwork on its packaging

Just look at the way Slay Coffee nails their influential package design! They tick the boxes for the above points too, eye-catching design, easy-to-open packaging and promoting sustainability by showing their clients how to reuse their coffee boxes. So much so that it has also influenced the Fountainheads at the best branding agency in Ahmedabad to always order from Slay to stay caffeinated.

Now if you too are wondering if your product packaging needs a refresher and change, visit us for a chat over some coffee and cookies. Or you can simply wave us an hola on hello@florafountain.com.

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