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What is The Impact of Moment Marketing on Consumer Behaviour

Moment Marketing of 2023 and 2024

Since the advent of digitalisation and ongoing advancements, businesses have changed their approach to fascinate and market to customers. Lately, they have been using strong>moment marketing to target customers and boost brand awareness. Moment marketing involves capitalising on current trends, events or holidays to connect with consumers emotionally and drive immediate action. But with many diving into this buzzword concept, what impact does it have on consumer behaviour? Time to find out through this blog.

Table of Contents

  1. How Does Moment Marketing Work?
  2. 4 Moments That Were Marketed in Time
  3. Impact of Moment Marketing on Consumer Behaviour
  4. Don’t Be Left Behind: Partner with a Moment Marketing Mastermind
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Moment Marketing Work?

Moment marketing, in the opinion of Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, is more akin to viral marketing, which increases user interaction, product or message visibility and impact. It has been demonstrated that Electronic Word of Mouth (EVOM) influences customers’ buying intentions favourably. Customer purchase intentions and brand perception are greatly influenced by a positive EVOM for electronic goods.

We have established how moment marketing works but– as a business owner or marketing manager, you are more concerned with how it impacts your bottom line. Here’s the important part: moment marketing can be a goldmine for businesses that utilise it effectively.

Imagine your competitor capitalising on a trending hashtag with a hilarious meme that goes viral. Suddenly, their brand is all over social media, generating positive buzz and attracting new customers. That’s the sting of missing out on a moment of marketing opportunity.

Now, let’s flip the script. Imagine your brand being the one everyone’s talking about. A perfectly timed tweet during a live event sparks a conversation, your limited-edition product inspired by a trending TV show sells out in minutes, and your brand awareness skyrockets. That’s the power of moment marketing used for success!

Here’s a breakdown of the specific benefits for your business:

  • Enhanced Brand Image: Well-executed moment marketing shows you are a brand that’s in tune with current events and pop culture. It positions you as a leader, innovative and relatable.
  • Increased Customer Engagement: Engaging moment marketing campaigns spark conversations, build brand loyalty and create a sense of community around your brand. Who wouldn’t want that?
  • Free (or Almost Free) Marketing: Leveraging trending topics and social media doesn’t have to be costly. A social media marketing company in Ahmedabad can create smart and cost-effective moment marketing posts for your brands.

4 Moments That Were Marketed in Time

The Killer Soup by Netflix

When Netflix placed a billboard promoting its series The Killer Soup on the side of the road, it set off a trend. Before long, this hoarding spread to digital platforms, and companies began to adopt the practice into their own brand tones and clever copy that spoke to their products.

Ek Machhli Paani mein gayi

This was a line from a well-known Bollywood song. But what turned the statement into a social media sensation was its reappearance as a meme. The statement “Ek Machhli Paani Mein Gayi” (which translates to “One fish, gone swimming”) usually appears with an image depicting sadness or loss. It evolved into a lighthearted approach to convey the idea that something is passing you by or that you missed something.

Brands like Zomato suddenly jumped on the trend

Two bananas of Rs 442

All of this began when Rahul Bose shared a photo of a bill and two bananas on Twitter to illustrate how the five-star hotel where he was staying was charging this much for just two bananas. Immediately after, marketers jumped on the trend and turned it into a meme. Here are a few brands that have done it.

oyo post
oyo post


The amusing contrast between the two films that were released on the same day dominated the social media conversation regarding “Barbenheimer”. It brought attention to the wide range of audience preferences and provoked discussions about pop culture trends, counterprogramming—the practice of releasing a picture that is tone-different from a major movie on the same day to appeal to a different demographic

Impact of Moment Marketing on Consumer Behaviour

While moment marketing excels at driving immediate action, its impact can extend far beyond a single purchase. Look at it this way:

1. Shifting perceptions

Moment marketing can be used to challenge stereotypes and change how consumers perceive a brand. For instance, a sportswear brand partnering with an LGBTQ+ athlete for Pride Month can shift perceptions about inclusivity and social responsibility.

2. Community building

When consumers connect with a brand’s moment marketing campaign, they often share it with their network. This sparks conversations and builds a sense of community around the brand.

3. Goes Beyond Sales

When consumers feel a genuine connection with a brand’s moment marketing efforts, they are more likely to become brand advocates. They might share the brand’s content, recommend it to friends or even create user-generated content that promotes the brand.

4. Impulse purchases

There are chances that a hilarious meme featuring your brand suddenly creates the urge to buy your product or creates a brand recall for your brand. That’s the moment marketing creates a sense of urgency and taps into your desire to be part of the “in the crowd.”

5. Increase brand awareness

A well-executed moment marketing campaign can go viral, spreading brand awareness far and wide. Remember the Oreo tweet during the Super Bowl blackout? That’s a prime example of how a single moment can propel a brand into the spotlight.

6. The Power of Now

Unlike traditional marketing, which might involve planning months, moment marketing is all about real-time engagement. It’s about jumping on trending topics, viral moments or even live events to capture your attention when you’re most receptive. This creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) and excitement, making you feel like you need to be part of something.

Don’t Be Left Behind: Partner with a Moment Marketing Mastermind

The world of social media is fast-paced. Staying on top of trends, crafting engaging content, and executing successful moment marketing campaigns can be a full-time job. That’s where a digital marketing company in Ahmedabad like Flora Fountain comes in. We’re a team of social media and creative storytellers who breathe moment marketing. We will help you:

Identify Trending Topics

We will track the latest trends and social media conversations, ensuring your moment marketing efforts are relevant and timely.

Craft Compelling Content

Our team will create smart and witty moment marketing content that resonates with your brand and target audience.

Manage Your Social Media Presence

We will take care of scheduling, monitoring and responding to customer interactions.


Ready to transform your business with the power of moment marketing? Don’t let your competitors steal the show. Contact us today at hello@florafountain.com and let’s create moment marketing magic together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Moment marketing can certainly drive immediate results like sales spikes or increased brand awareness. However, its true power lies in its ability to build long-term brand equity. Consistent, well-executed moment marketing campaigns strengthen brand loyalty, position your brand as a thought leader and create a community
While some aspects of moment marketing might be difficult to quantify (like brand perception), several key metrics can help you gauge its effectiveness. Here are a few: social media engagement, website traffic, sales conversions and brand awareness surveys.
Absolutely! Moment marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. Its reliance on social media and real-time engagement makes it a cost-effective way to reach a large audience.
Authenticity is crucial for successful moment marketing. Here are some tips to ensure your campaign feels genuine: Align with your brand values, focus on storytelling and maintain brand consistency.
Moment marketing should be used responsibly. Be respectful, maintain brand safety and promote inclusivity

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