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Gujarati Influencers: Leveraging Local Personalities for Branding

Top Gujarati influencers from Ahmedabad, Baroda and Surat

When exploring a new or unfamiliar place, we often turn to the locals for insights, right? They know the ins and outs of the area. The same holds true for brands looking to establish their presence in a specific region. If you’re aiming to connect with the local audience in Gujarat, turning to local Gujarati influencers can provide you with the best insights and access to the community.
Statistics reveal that 37% of people trust influencers more than information directly from a brand.
In this blog, we’ll look into what local influencer marketing is, why it’s essential and share the top 8 Gujarati influencers who can boost your branding efforts.
Table of contents

  1. What is Local Influencer Marketing?
  2. 6 Reasons of Leveraging Gujarati Influencers for Branding
  3. Nano Influencers vs Micro Influencers vs Macro-Influencers
  4. Top 7 Gujarati Influencers to Collaborate With for Branding
  5. In Conclusion
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local Influencer Marketing?

Ever since the dawn of social media, influencer marketing has been booming, both formally and informally. Social media platforms like Instagram have even introduced a ‘paid partnerships’ label, giving a heads up to the audience that what they are seeing is a paid promotion from their favourite influencer.

Now, when it comes to Gujarat, diving into local influencer marketing is a game-changer as local influencer marketing is all about teaming up with influencers in specific regions to shout out your brand. Now how is this helpful? Because these influencers have a devoted local fan base. Partnering with them helps brands boost trust, spread the word in their target markets, show off their products or services, you can figure out the kind of content that clicks with the locals and most importantly, build genuine connections.

6 Reasons of Leveraging Gujarati Influencers for Branding

They have more targeted audience

Local influencers focus on specific cities or regions, making their content resonate most with the local audience. Take Ahmedabadi Mehul, for example. He’s a fantastic local food influencer with 323K followers. He explores every nook and cranny of Ahmedabad for hidden street food gems. Mehul also collaborates with local mobile shops, clothing stores and cafes, connecting them with his audience.

Drives an emotional response to your content

Compared to Facebook ads, influencer marketing is 64% more emotionally intense and 182% more memorable. Why? Because it doesn’t feel like an interruption during your scroll time. Followers actively choose to watch, enjoy and engage with the content, not because they’re forced to by paid ads. Check out this example of a content creator, RJ Dhruvi. She posted a hilarious video capturing how Gujarati moms react to firecrackers. The audience not only watched but also joined in the fun in the comments. Many shared stories of their own moms saying similar things in the same tone, creating a highly emotive and engaging experience.

They are relatable

Local influencers speak the language of their community, creating a relatable experience for their audience. This connection fosters a genuine and authentic relationship, building trust with the audience.

Cost effective

Celebrity endorsements come with a hefty price tag and celebrities often have a global audience. Your product might not even reach the right audience. Now, consider local influencers. They won’t break the bank and micro influencers might happily promote your stuff for a discount, freebie or an affiliate code.

Looking For Gujarati Influencer Strategies?

Highly effective engagement

Connecting with a local influencer is like joining a friendly chat. Your comment stands out and is more likely to get a response on a local influencer’s social account compared to one with a massive following. This is why consumers tend to engage more meaningfully with local influencer content.

Algorithms like engaging content

Social media algorithms love content that sparks engagement. They give a boost to such content, making it reach more people. Partnering with local influencers is a smart move because their content is not only effective but also highly engaging. For even better results, consider teaming up with a digital marketing agency in Gujarat. They know the ins and outs of Instagram and Facebook algorithms. This understanding allows them to guide influencers and help shape your content strategy. Working together, influencers and the agency can create content that resonates and performs exceptionally well.

Nano Influencers vs Micro Influencers vs Macro-Influencers

Confused about which Gujarati influencer is the right fit to promote your brand? We’ve got your back! Let’s break down the influencer types to help you make the perfect choice.

Marketers these days are sorting influencers based on their follower count and the value they bring to your local influencer strategy. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Nano-influencers: Less than 1,000 followers
  • Micro-influencers: 1,000 to 100,000 followers
  • Macro-influencers: 100,000 to 1 million followers
  • Mega-influencers: Over a million followers

Now, when it comes to local influencers, most fall into the micro and macro categories. And guess what? Local micro-influencers are a sweet spot for marketers. They do not have high followers like celebrities but their audience is seriously engaged.

Top 7 Gujarati Influencers to Collaborate With for Branding

1) RJ Princy Parikh

Meet RJ Princy Parikh, a dynamic Gujarati influencer! With 1.2 million followers and 268 posts, she is a RJ, comedian and content creator. Princy’s feed is a mix of humorous skits, social commentary and glimpses into her life and family.
One standout post? A hilarious video about the Indian Premier League, where she was invited to host—an absolute hit! Princy’s content is all about keeping it lighthearted and funny. She’s not just an influencer; she’s a personality that resonates with a diverse audience. If you’re a local Gujarati brand looking to connect with a wide fan base, Princy might just be your go-to choice!

2) Tarnnum Shaikh

Tarnnum Shaikh, is a popular influencer and video creator in Vadodara. She has an impressive 858k followers. Her content spans sports, arts, entertainment, beauty and fashion. Tarnnum’s unique charm shines through in her sweet, calm and cute speaking style. She often collaborates with talented makeup artists. In one of her posts, she dazzles in bridal attire and makeup, striking poses with fellow influencers who are also ready for the spotlight.

Local Gujarati brands specialising in jewellery, beauty and fashion have a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Tarnnum. Partnering with her can help these brands raise awareness and connect with a local audience. Being part of her content can give brands the exposure they’re looking for.

3) Paru and Guru

Meet one of the coolest Gujarati influencer couples from Surat. Parul and Yogesh have 440k followers! They started off by creating funny couple videos during lockdown, and now they’re the go-to influencers in Surat and its surroundings. Scroll through their feed, and you’ll catch them getting invited to resorts, cafes and even mobile showrooms to give a thumbs-up to various products. Check out one post where they hilariously promoted the jewellery brand ‘Tia Silver.’

So, if you’re a local brand in Surat dealing in jewellery, hospitality or FMCG, these guys are your jam! Collaborate with them to connect with the local audience and make your brand the talk of the town!

4) Rajvee Gandhi

She is a Mumbai-born Gujarati influencer in the world of fashion, lifestyle and beauty. With 1.2 million followers, her influence knows no bounds. Recently, she treated her followers to a mesmerising reel showcasing the vibrant textiles of Gujarat, wearing different outfits featuring intricate embroidery. The response was overwhelming, with people expressing their love for this reel and eagerly requesting more content from different states. This enthusiastic feedback highlights the strong connection Rajvee has with her audience, appreciating both her content and unique style. Her feed is a delightful mix of well-lit photos and engaging videos, showcasing her versatile talent.

5) Vishwa Joshi

Meet Vishwa, a comedic influencer and actor hailing from Vadodara, Gujarat. With 171K followers, she crafts relatable Gujarati content. Occasionally, she spices things up with Hindi content and offers glimpses into her personal life.

Beyond the laughter, Vishwa has found herself in two Gujarati movies alongside the renowned actor Malhar Thakar, thanks to her influence. In collaboration with the Livon brand, she spreads a powerful message about embracing one’s natural beauty without relying on makeup and encourages everyone to be comfortable just as they are.

6) Om Patil

He is a food influencer hailing from Vadodara with 59.2K followers. Whether it’s the vibrant street food scene or the more upscale cafes in Vadodara, Om shares it all with his followers. Recently, during the World Cup final, Om took his followers on a journey to places where live screenings were happening, complete with delicious food and drinks; that reel garnered a whopping 79.4K views, and his followers couldn’t be more grateful. If you’re a hospitality brand in Vadodara, be it a café or a cosy hotel, reaching out to Om for collaboration and branding could be a game-changer. His content resonates with local food enthusiasts, making him the perfect partner to showcase what your establishment has to offer.

7) Poonam Bhatt

She is an influencer, a real estate, fashion and lifestyle enthusiast hailing from Ahmedabad. With a fantastic following of 56.8K, she’s your go-to guide for the latest in Ahmedabad’s property market, showcasing new listings in prime areas like SG Highway, Godrej Garden City and Sindhu Bhavan. But that’s not all! She’s not just about real estate – she brings the best sales, showrooms and lifestyle brands from Ahmedabad directly to her followers.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a local business or a multinational company looking for brand presence in a specific region of Gujarat, local influencer marketing is your golden ticket to connect with your ideal audience. To tap into the local vibe? Start by building a social media presence. Create accounts and share top-notch content that resonates with your local audience. As your presence grows, you’ll naturally attract more local influencers.

At Flora Fountain, we’re your go-to social media marketing company in Gujarat. We specialise in reaching local audiences and partner with community managers who are native speakers. Rest assured, your content will speak directly to your target audience. Want to know more? Shoot us an email at

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Consider factors such as business goals, target audience, budget, influencer requirements and the features of the social media platform you intend to use.

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