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Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad

A laptop, three phones, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Businesses in Ahmedabad know the struggle – sometimes an Instagram reel brings in 2200 organic followers, but a well-planned TVC fails to bring sales. Yup, it happens. That’s why nailing digital marketing in Ahmedabad means choosing the right channels and strategies. Every platform has a different audience and a different game plan. Stats say that an average person bounces between seven different social networks per month. That’s why Every platform needs a different game plan

In this blog, we have got your back with tips to conquer various digital channels. And guess what? There’s a bonus waiting for you in the blog!

Table of contents 

  1. Digital Marketing For Instagram
  2. Digital Marketing For Facebook
  3. Digital Marketing For Twitter
  4. Digital Marketing For LinkedIn
  5. Don’t Forget SEO
  6. In Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing For Instagram

Instagram comes in second, right after Facebook, and I mean everyone is on it — people, pets (yes, rabbits, parrots, cats, dogs…), and businesses too. Instagram’s engagement rates are four times higher than Facebook’s. So there is no question; your business NEEDS to be on Instagram.

Now, once you are in the Instagram game, what else do you need to ace your digital marketing? Let’s dive into some tips, shall we?

Step into your target audience’s shoes

We know you would have data on them, but do you truly know them? Building a complete persona means understanding their preferences – from what they eat to their Instagram searches, the accounts they follow, the businesses they engage with, the influencers they love and the products they buy. Are they college students, homemakers or cricket lovers? Ask these questions to yourself and get the full picture of your target audience for effective targeting. See the example below to get an idea of how to build a target persona.

Example : “Meet Ananya. She is a 24-year-old working professional from Ahmedabad who lives with her parents, Rama Ben and Ramakant Bhai. Ananya holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from HL College and an online diploma in marketing from MICA. She has been working for a year now. Hard-working and recently promoted to marketing manager. She spends the majority of her waking hours either at work or thinking about it. And the remaining scrolling through Instagram, interacting with playful and friendly content. She also follows a few comic pages.”

How will this help?

Creating a target persona is crucial for shaping your Instagram content. Say you are an FMCG brand, all about tea, and your target audience is Gen Z, especially college students. To nail your posts, you can add in some trending memes. If they are cricket buffs, tie tea into the game or live matches. Being in Ahmedabad, you can drop content about tea and Navratri. Or connect tea with major national events. For some cool inspiration, take a peep at the examples Flora Fountain whipped up for Wagh Bakri.

Have a clear insight

Insight is like that universal ‘aha’ moment we all get—something everyone can relate to, no arguments there. When diving into digital marketing in Ahmedabad, a strong insight is the secret sauce. Keep throwing questions at yourself until you hit that ‘WOW’ moment! This insight becomes the backbone of all the content you create and share. Whether it’s for a specific ad, a campaign or a creative piece, you have got to be sharp. Consider seeking assistance from an expert digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad to nail the right insight. Getting it right the first time is challenging, and if the insight is wrong, all your content effort goes in vain.

Consistent colours & fonts

A simple yet powerful trick to boost your Instagram game is sticking to a consistent colour scheme and fonts. When you keep things looking cohesive, your followers can instantly recognise your brand. It’s like leaving a memorable footprint in their minds! Check out this jewellery page for inspiration—they have nailed it with their consistent colours, fonts and text placement.

An Instagram feed of a jewellery brand
Consistency creates memorability

If you are not sure where to start, consider tapping into the expertise of a social media marketing company in Ahmedabad. They can help you pick colours that truly reflect your brand vibe.

Digital Marketing For Facebook

Facebook holds the title of the world’s biggest social network, with around 2.96 billion monthly active users. No wonder it’s a top pick for marketers! The platform’s colossal reach is hard to beat. And here’s a cool tidbit – the average age of users is on the rise, meaning more folks in powerful decision-making roles are scrolling through. So if your target audience is someone who is the decision maker of which products to buy, Facebook is the best platform for you. Here are some tips for digital marketing on Facebook.

Promote your Facebook on other platforms

To drive traffic to your page, make sure that as many of your potential consumers are aware of your page. You are undoubtedly active on other digital marketing platforms, so why pass up this chance? To make it simple for users to follow the link in your email marketing campaigns, include a Facebook button. You can include a link to your Facebook profile directly in your bio if you use Instagram regularly.

Choose the best time to post

The best time to release a publication is when marketers are constantly curious about it. Although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy but Facebook Insights offers valuable data. You can find out when your followers are online. Additionally, you can determine the ideal timing by monitoring any post’s performance. You are also discovering the busiest times for your audience. To determine the ideal moment, you may also try posting various kinds of content at peak and off-peak hours.

Add a CTA button

This simple method will help you generate visitors to any page, enhance engagement and increase conversions. Everything is based on your objective. After reading your page, consider what action the typical user might want to take. The phrases “Contact Us,” “Sign up,” “Book now,” “Shop now,” “Follow,” “Call now,” and so on can be used. Click “+Add a Button” below your cover page to add a call to action.

Use a suitable URL for your page

This may not seem like a big enough component. Using your brand name is what we mean by a suitable URL. In this way, your link will be easy to remember and shareable across different platforms, a. The main advantage is that. The main advantage is that the URL will include your target keyword, which will improve your search engine optimisation (we will talk about that shortly) and make your page more visible on Google.

Digital Marketing For Twitter

Twitter’s a different ball game—total madness! You have to be witty and crisp and say more in less. But hold up! Before you dive in, nail down your brand’s tone of voice. Quick note: voice stays constant, but tone shifts. If your voice is friendly, your tone can be aggressively friendly or calmly friendly. See the following example by Zomato.

An Instagram feed of a jewellery brand

Now, for Twitter marketing, here are some tips

Write in your TOV

Talk on Twitter like you talk in real life. Whether your brand is fun or serious, let your personality shine through. Speak in a way that clicks with your followers. Understand what they like and how they talk. For example, if your brand is chill and funny, tweet like you’re having a chat with a friend. If it’s more serious, keep it professional but friendly.

Try sensory writing

Describe things so people can imagine them. Help your followers see, feel, and experience what your product or service is all about. Use photos or paint word pictures to show off what makes your stuff special. Make them happy, excited or curious. For example Instead of saying, “Our coffee is good,” say, Close your eyes and breathe in the amazing smell of our coffee. Take a sip, and you are in coffee heaven.

A tweet from a vending machine brand
Simple, real and conversational
Snowclones works best for Twitter

Have fun with familiar sayings. Twist them a bit to make them yours and make people smile. Make sure the sayings fit your brand. Use them to tell your story in a way that feels right. For example, take the current trend, I live, I am a liver and turn it into I run ads, I am a runner.

Digital Marketing For LinkedIn

Now, you might be wondering, Why does a brand even need LinkedIn?’ after is about about professional connections. Let me break it down for you. There’s this whole online circle that you have got to close. When you write blogs, you throw in some backlinks. People click on those and end up on another service page of yours. And when people are searching for you, they check everywhere you have got a presence.

So, here are some tips for LinkedIn marketing

Optimise your profile

Create your profile and include keywords to make it more visible on LinkedIn, which will draw users and leads. One smart place to start is by including appropriate search terms in your summary, description and headline. You should also claim your own LinkedIn URL, which contains your name. This is essential, particularly if you want people to find you through search engine searches.

Use LinkedIn community features

In addition to your personal profile and corporate page, LinkedIn provides several community tools that let you interact or work together with other users. Engaging in conversations within multiple LinkedIn groups could help in expanding your circle of influence. You can keep in touch with people who share your ideas by joining LinkedIn groups. You can join already-existing groups in your field of expertise or start your own. Becoming a leader in a particular issue is the aim of taking part in group conversations.

Publish actionable content

It’s time to share content after your profile is optimised and full. On all social media platforms, including LinkedIn, content marketing is essential. You must improve your posting practices if you wish to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool. First of all, those who use LinkedIn merely to market themselves or their companies rarely succeed. Your pitch isn’t the reason someone is on the platform. Share content that is actionable and value-driven, such as tales, how-tos, data or insights.

Don’t Forget SEO

Now, you might think SEO is only for websites… Well, you’re not entirely wrong. However, SEO does more than just boost your website; it keeps your brand in the online spotlight, creating a buzz that resonates. Imagine someone searches for ‘polki jewellery, and then Googles ‘top jewellery showrooms in Ahmedabad.’ What if your business is the first result they see? Instantly, you leave an impression – active and on top of your game. To stay relevant, you also need to invest in local SEO in Ahmedabad.

Consider reaching out to a results-driven and experienced SEO company in Ahmedabad. We will talk more about SEO strategies in our upcoming blogs, so stay tuned for more insights!

In Conclusion

Digital marketing is like a vast ocean, and what we have covered in this blog is just a glass. To make your business thrive online, you need a solid digital marketing strategy. So, why wait? Shoot us an email at, and let’s make your brand shine online!

Frequently Asked Questions

A website is the key to a successful digital marketing strategy because all other digital marketing elements and direct visitors to your website, which effectively converts them into loyal customers
Since your website is the foundation of all of your online marketing, web development is an essential component of any digital marketing effort. Users finally return to your website through your email marketing, social media posts, and sponsored advertisements.
There is little difference between online and digital marketing. Online marketing is a subset of digital marketing, which includes all marketing done through electronic devices and online marketing is the distribution of content via the Internet.

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