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Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: What will work for your business?

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When it comes to online advertising, two major ad platforms dominate the field: Facebook Ads and Google Ads. These advertising platforms have revolutionised the way businesses promote their products and services online. However, choosing the right ad platform for your business is crucial. Should you go for Facebook’s extensive targeting options and social media reach or opt for Google’s vast search network and intent-based targeting? Let’s dive deep into Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads, exploring their strengths, weaknesses and key differences to help you make an informed decision on which platform is best suited for your advertising goals. Get ready to discover the power of precision targeting and effective ad campaigns!

Table of content

  1. Understanding Facebook Ads and Google Ads
  2. Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: A comparison
  3. Choosing the right platform for your business
  4. Concluding thoughts
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Facebook and Google Ads

When it comes to advertising online, both platforms offer unique opportunities to connect with the target audience, drive brand awareness and achieve marketing goals. While Facebook Ads is a social media driven platform, Google Ads is a search engine focused platform. The experts at Flora Fountain, a digital marketing company, have broken down the mechanics of Facebook Ads and Google Ads into a simple to understand guide below.

Facebook Ads for Businesses is an advertising platform provided by Facebook that allows businesses to create targeted ads to reach their desired audience on Facebook and its affiliated platforms, such as Instagram feeds and stories. It offers a range of ad formats, advanced targeting options based on user demographics and detailed analytics to help businesses increase brand awareness and achieve their advertising goals.

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Paid promotions help businesses reach a larger audience digitally

Google Ads for Businesses is an online advertising platform offered by Google that enables businesses to display ads on Google’s search engine results pages, websites and mobile apps. It allows businesses to reach their target audience through targeted keywords, demographics and interests, helping them increase visibility, drive website traffic and generate leads or sales.

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: A comparison

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are like two cool kids of the advertising classroom, each with their own unique skills. Let’s break it down and compare them so you can decide which one suits your business needs best.

1. Cost

Facebook Ads for businesses operates on a “pay-per-impression” basis. Which means you pay each time your ad is viewed by someone online on social media. The cost depends on things like your target audience, the quality of your ad and the level of competition. On the other hand, Google Ads mostly use a “pay-per-click” model. You pay for each click your ad gets. The cost of clicks in Google Ads is influenced by factors like how competitive the keywords are, the ad quality and its relevance. Since Google’s clicks are more intent-driven, the clicks end up being more expensive than the views of a more passive user offered by Facebook. The cost of customer acquisition (CAC) too is higher in Google.  As an experienced SEO company in Ahmedabad, Flora Fountain has been helping many ecommerce businesses attract potential customers to their online stores via Google Ads.

2. Audience Reach

Facebook Ads allows targeting users based on demographics, interests, behaviours and even custom audiences. Google is the popular kid in town. It is the world’s most-used search engine, processing billions of searches every day. This vast network of Google provides advertisers with access to a wide range of users actively searching for products or services. Simply put, Facebook Ads are for businesses who want to reach people based on their interests and behaviour, while Google Ads for businesses helps target users who are searching for that specific product or service online, right at that moment.

A screengrab of a facebook ad being created of facebook ads for business
There are many factors that affect the performance of an ad on Facebook

3. Ad Placements

Facebook is that magician who can make your ads appear in different places within their platform. You can show your ads in the Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Audience Network (which includes external websites and apps) and even in Messenger. It’s like a seamless blend of your ads into the user’s browsing experience. On the other hand Google Ads helps businesses to display ads in search results, on websites within the Google Display Network and on YouTube. Your ads could pop up right alongside search results or be displayed next to relevant content on partner websites and YouTube videos. So, it is important to understand which platform your intended audience is more likely to use, Facebook/Instagram or Google/YouTube.

4. Ad targeting

Facebook has a treasure trove of user data, allowing you to create super-specific audience segments whereas Google Ads relies mainly on keywords to match ads with relevant search queries. It also offers additional targeting options like demographics, location and device targeting. While Google doesn’t offer the same level of detail as Facebook in terms of user interests and behaviours, it makes up for it by capturing users when they’re actively searching for something.

5. Ad formats

Facebook Ads for businesses is all about impressing users with their variety of ad formats. You can choose from image ads, video ads, carousel ads (where you can swipe through multiple images), collection ads (showcasing a group of products) and lead generation ads. These formats are designed to catch users’ attention and provide an interactive experience right in their social media feeds. On the other hand, Google Ads offers formats like text ads, display ads, shopping ads (perfect for online stores), video ads and app promotion ads. Regardless of format or platform, visuals are an important part of driving conversions on both platforms. Performance marketing companies often work with a graphic design agency to help businesses run effective ad campaigns.

Choosing the right platform for your business

Here are some points for you to consider when stuck in the dilemma of Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads.

  • Consider your goals: Think about what you want to achieve with your marketing. Do you want to spread the word about your brand and get people engaged? Then Facebook Ads is the go-to for your business! It’s like having the superpower to reach a specific target audience based on their interests, behaviours, and demographics. For example, if you want to target millennials who are Bollywood fans, or young adult males who follow the English Premier League closely, for your retail brand, Facebook is the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to capture those active seekers who are hunting for your products or services, driving traffic to your website and boosting conversions, Google Ads is where the magic happens! For example, if you want to target corporates looking to buy a SaaS product or a business-owner looking for an SEO company in Ahmedabad to build an optimised website and promote it organically through search engine optimisations, then Google is the way to go.
  • Analyse your target audience: Time to put on your detective hat and analyse your target audience’s online behaviour. If they’re serial Facebook or Instagram feed scrollers liking, commenting and sharing content, it’s a sign that Facebook Ads are best for your business. But if they’re busy typing away on Google, searching for solutions or products, or if they watch hours of videos on YouTube everyday, you want to be part of their online journey! Google Ads for businesses can help you reach them at the right moment.
  • Budget considerations: Money talks, right? Consider your budget and the cost of advertising on each platform. Facebook Ads for businesses generally come with a lower cost per click (CPC), making it a cost-effective choice for brand awareness campaigns. On the flip side, Google Ads, especially for the more popular keywords, will cost more per click, but it often delivers better conversion rates. So, find the ad platform that aligns with your budget and objectives.
  • Competitor analysis: It’s time for some undercover work! Take a sneak peek into a successful competitors’ digital marketing strategy. Are they ruling the Facebook Ads kingdom or conquering the Google Ads empire? Since you are both targeting the same audience, studying their moves and success, can uncover valuable insights about which platform will work wonders for your business.

As a branding agency in Ahmedabad, Flora Fountain has helped many local and national level businesses to tap into the right audience and achieve their business goals.

Concluding thoughts…

Leave behind the rivalry between Facebook Ads and Google Ads because they actually complement each other perfectly! Let’s break it down: Facebook Ads act as your brand’s cheerleaders, while Google Ads can work as the lead generating workhorses for your business. But here’s the exciting part! When you partner with a digital marketing agency like Flora Fountain, you can leverage the power of both these incredible tools. We’ll assist you in optimising and fine-tuning your campaigns on each platform to ensure optimal performance. Whether it’s boosting your website’s ranking through our SEO wizardry or making waves in the social media world with our expertise in social media marketing, rest assured we’ve got your back. So let’s team up and achieve your business goals together!

Shoot us an email at and let’s work on the digital growth of your business over a cup of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Relax, we have answered your frequently asked questions on Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads. We’re pretty sure they’d be helpful!

Absolutely! Many businesses find success by combining the power of both platforms. By utilising the strengths of each platform, you can reach a broader audience, increase brand visibility and capture users at different stages of the buying journey.

The timeline for seeing results can vary depending on factors such as ad optimisation, audience targeting and competition. It’s essential to monitor your campaigns regularly and make adjustments based on performance data. Typically, you can start seeing initial results within a few weeks, but it’s an ongoing process that requires continuous optimization for better outcomes.

Facebook Ads offers excellent options for building brand awareness, engaging with users and promoting more visually appealing content. Since it can target users based on interests, brands can build awareness for a certain segment of user based on interest. Campaigns such as reach, engagement and profile visit on Facebook and Instagram are excellent for creating awareness and building a community.

Google Ads excel in capturing users who are actively searching for products or services like yours, allowing you to reach potential customers at the right moment. Other than that, YouTube videos are also more intent-driven in their video watching versus reels viewers, which rely more on Facebook’s interest-based algorithm.

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