The Power of Storytelling in Web Design
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Why use storytelling in web designing!

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We connect with others through stories. Interesting tales and anecdotes help us remember and recall information and add meaning to life. Stories engage, educate and delight us, teach us something new and convince us to get involved in the story itself or chart one of our own.

Stories can be a powerful tool to get our message across to people. And as one of the best web designing companies in India, we incorporate the idea of using words, pictures and sounds to tell a story through websites. As the ecommerce website design and development company of choice for many national and global brands, here’s how we build compelling websites that narrate a captivating tale of their business.

Take them through a journey

The narration starts right from the home page. The moment a visitor lands at the home page, they should be introduced to the concept, the reason why they are here and what is in store for them as they scroll through.

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Clothing and lifestyle brands Ray Ethnic and Nicobar do it very well with their visual-heavy ecommerce website design and development, which are an interplay of scenes which generate curiosity among the visitors and interactive buttons that take them to another page displaying their products.

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Introduce the protagonist

In Bollywood movies, most whistles and claps are heard in the panoramic shot of the ‘hero’ of the story walking in. Similarly, once the storytelling has already gripped the visitor, introduce the protagonist here on the website. The protagonist here is the products, services and solutions on offer.



Tell the visitor the “why” about the hero of the story here. Just like how Rage Coffee talks about their coffee as the protagonist on the website through this module. Use facts and figures to drive home the point.

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Tell Me Why… You are awesome!

Our inner Backstreet Boys aside, once the protagonist of the story has been introduced, now it’s time to tell everyone why the hero is awesome. Even better, get other humans to do it. This is where the customer testimonials can be brought into picture. There are interesting ways to showcase the testimonials module on the website, but we decided to play it a little different on our website.


One of the biggest testimonials of our work was when Bollywood actress, writer and entrepreneur Twinkle Khanna spoke about us in a video testimonial of our work as their digital marketing company. The video pops and auto-plays as a surprise element to the visitor on our page, leaving them more interested and curious to explore further

Add some drama

Everyone loves a little bit of gossip and some drama with a plot twist to taste…

And the place where one can do that is the About Us page, the space where the visitor gets context and the origin story of the brand, the business and the individual.

But we love it when businesses do it differently. The website of FoxyMoron, a digital marketing company and one of the best web designing companies, is something that we love, and we love the fact that there is no classic “About Us” page but something called “Life At Den” and “Foxy Fam”

The happily ever after

It is important that you give a good ol’ fashioned ending to the story too…. Now, this ending could be on any page. It could end at the Connect or Contact Us page, the Careers Page or simply at the Check Out window.

It is important that every page must have a conclusive end to it. And hence, the importance of a well-designed footer.

well-designed footer

One of our favourite footer modules is the one we created for an Ahmedabad-based brand named Falguni Gruh Udhyog. It lays out all the informative links neatly, and then to add to the finishing, there’s a small hand adding a pinch of salt to the footer, literally!

A website is successful when it provides what the visitor wants, whether it is information, products, solutions or simply some delight. What brings all these aspects together and delivers a winning website is the confluence of Content, Design & Code applied with some empathy for the user, through user experience planning.

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Flora Fountain as a digital marketing company has cracked this winning formula with its robust code, strong content and out-of-the-box website design that connects the dots and narrates a gripping story of the brand. This could be you and your business. Reach out to us at today.

The founder and partner of Flora Fountain, Shefali leads the Content and Technology divisions. A one-time engineer who started her career writing front-end code, she took a detour sometime during her 9 years in New York, studied journalism and started writing prose, poetry and sometimes jokes. She now has 15...

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