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How Much Should Website Design Cost?

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So you’ve decided to create a digital home, an online storefront, for your business. One of the most frequently asked questions at this stage will be: how much should website development cost in Ahmedabad. Well, grab a cup of your favourite chai (or coffee) and let’s demystify this very crucial business topic together.

Table of content

  1. Why Website Development Costs Vary So Much
  2. The Factors Influencing Website Making Cost
  3. Website Development Costs: A Break Down
  4. Launching a Website: Costs in Addition to Website Design Price
  5. The Final Word on Web Development Cost
  6. FAQs

Why Website Development Costs Vary So Much

First things first, website development isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. It’s like building a house – you’ve got different styles, sizes and features to consider. Similarly, websites come in all shapes and forms, from simple brochure-like branding websites to complex e-commerce platforms to even more feature-rich and therefore complex web applications. Your business needs will play a big role in the cost.

The Factors Influencing Website Making Cost

Type of Website:

Are you developing a basic informational website, an extensive e-commerce platform or an all-guns-blazing fully interactive web application? The complexity of your site’s features and functionalities plays a pivotal role in determining the website making cost.

Design and User Experience:

A website’s design is more than just aesthetics – it’s about creating an intuitive and delightful user experience. The website design cost of a custom-designed site will cost a lot more than a website made using pre-made templates or themes.


Do you need features like payment gateway, user login, chatbot, form fill ups or interactive map? Each bit of added functionality adds to the cost of making a website.

Content Management System (CMS):

This is the tool used to enter content and update images, without having to dig into code. The CMS you choose, such as WordPress, Drupal or a custom-built CMS, can influence the web development cost. Some CMS platforms have a steeper learning curve and may require more development time.

A big computer with content management system written on it
SEO friendly content helps Google and other search engines optimise your website.

Number of Pages being Developed:

Whether you are creating a simple branded website or a more sophisticated e-commerce website, the number of uniquely designed pages will add to the web design cost. In addition to the design, the number of pages that need to be integrated into the CMS and the amount of content being uploaded will also be a deciding factor here. For example, an e-commerce website with 50 products uploaded versus a website with 10,000 products uploaded will be priced differently.

Mobile Responsiveness:

This one’s a no-brainer. As a business in Ahmedabad, if your website development company in Ahmedabad is making a non-responsive website, fire them immediately! It is 2023, and a website that looks great and functions seamlessly on mobile devices is a must. But optimising for mobile adds another layer of development work and adds to the cost of making a website


Tailoring your website to align with your brand’s identity and unique needs involves additional work, which impacts the web design cost. This can involve both custom design and custom functionality.

Two people creating a website design
Customisation helps your create an unique identity for your brand

Content Creation:

Who’s creating the content – you, your team, or hired professionals? This aspect can affect both the timeline and the cost. If you are hiring a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad to create your website, chances are that they will use an in-house team of writers to create an information architecture and write your website’s content, so definitely factor this into the website making cost.

Website Development Costs: A Break Down

Alright, let’s get straight to the point. The reason you are here is to know exactly how much it will cost to make a website. Well here it is. Here are some ballpark figures to get your brain going. The actual web development costs can vary widely based on the factors mentioned earlier:

Website type Description Costs 
Basic Informational Website A branding website using a theme in WordPress ₹40,000-₹50,000 ($450-$600)
E-commerce Website Online selling platform using WordPress or Shopify. ₹4,00,000 to ₹8,00,000 ($5000 to $10,200)
Custom Designed Websites Each page is custom designed using Figma, Sketch or Photoshop. ₹4,00,000 to ₹8,00,000 ($5000 to $10,200)
Custom Web Applications Complex web apps using platforms like ReactJS or custom PHP frameworks. ₹4,00,000 to ₹12,00,000 ($4,800 to $15,000)

Of course, whether the design is custom and the extent of functionality developed will decide the web development cost in this case.

An ecommerce web page
An ecommerce website helps you reach broader audience

Of course, these numbers are not set in stone and only shared here to give you and They’re influenced by the extent of customization, design intricacies and any additional features you might need. This is why having clear requirements is extremely important as you start the project.

Launching a Website: Costs in Addition to Website Design Price

Of course the story of launching a website cost doesn’t end with website design costs or website development costs. This is just the start of the story. Here are some other important functions that need to be priced before launching your website online:


Just like your business needs a name, a website needs a domain name for people to type into their browsers. The costs for this can start from as low as ₹1000/year and there are numerous DNS providers like GoDaddy, Big Rock and even Google Domains.

Tiny people with digital devices at big globe surfing internet
A domain name provides credibility and visibility to your business.


Most of the companies that provide DNS will also provide hosting. So all the above plus Amazon’s AWS Server can be used to host websites from simple to complex. The hosting server should be chosen once the functionality of the website is decided. So you know how much space and scalability will be required. Charges can range anywhere starting from ₹2500-60000/year.

Website Media:

Most websites stand out because of the quality of images and videos used to tell your business story. The costs for this can vary depending on whether you use free images from a website like Pexels, purchase stock pictures from a website like Shutterstock or use an AI tool like Midjourney or Runway to create the images and videos you require.

Website Content Writing:

A very important part of developing your website, as your website’s storytelling, user experience and SEO will depend on this. Most full-service digital marketing agencies will have their own team of website content writers, the charges for which can usually start from ₹20,000 for a five-page branding website and ₹50,000 for an ecommerce website with 70-80 products.

Website Marketing:

Of course making the website is not enough. It is also important to get this website marketed. Marketing a website can be done through several mediums, both organic and inorganic (paid). Organic mediums include social media marketing and SEO, whereas inorganic mediums include running paid promotions to promote site visit through paid ads on Meta platforms such as Instagram and Facebook and Google Ads on Google platforms such as Google search engine and YouTube. Most social media marketing companies in Ahmedabad will charge anywhere starting ₹30,000/month and beyond to market your website through these mediums.

Search Engine Optimisation:

The big-daddy of website promotion is SEO or search engine optimisation. This is a long-term strategy which involves generating organic traffic by making sure – 1. your website SEO-optimised 2. blogging on relevant industry topics and 3. promoting these blogs and your website on other websites. This is a long-term strategy with long-lasting effects. Seo services in Ahmedabad, when performed by an expert team, usually start from ₹30,000/month and can increase depending on the results desired.

A man with a magnifying glass, a woman with laptop and a woman holding a screen
SEO increases web traffic and more quality leads come through sales funnel

Website Maintenance:

The story doesn’t end with website launch. Once the website is live, you might require changing some data periodically. Software updates are critical to make sure the website is safe and unbroken, this means all CMS and plugins must be updated every few months. In case a website gets hacked, this will require an expert web development team to come in and fix the website. There might even be SEO and marketing requirements to add tracking code or improve website performance. The costs for this can be hourly or retainer-based monthly. Hourly costs usually start ₹1,250/hour depending on the complexity of the website and monthly website maintenance retainers usually start from ₹15,000 for 15 hours.

When it comes to website development costs – you basically get what you pay for. Cutting corners on web design costs by reducing the scope of your design and features can result in a less fancy but perfectly useful website for your business. Look for a website development company that can strike the right balance between quality and affordability. But even more importantly, guide you in deciding what is the right website for you.

The Final Word on Web Development Cost

So there you have it – a little window into the world of web development costs in India. The cost of making a website in Ahmedabad can start from Rs. 40,000 for a basic branding website and go up to Rs. 12,00,000 for a complex web application. Regardless of the approach, creating a website that leaves a great first impression and captures user data or eases their purchase online, can be the difference between a business thriving or failing. No pressure!

Now that you know, if you feel the need to speak with a friend, philosopher and guide to join you on your website development journey, just reach out to the digital therapists at Flora Fountain. Write to us on Adios.

Frequently Asked Questions

You know what we are going to say. Totally depends on your requirements. A website can be developed in as little as 1 day to many months. What you require defines when you get it! Of course, theme-based websites with minimal customisation are the quickest and complicated custom-designed web apps with custom features take the longest to build.
To answer this question, ask yourself: Is the website crucial to the marketing or operations of my business? Is it important for me to have a unique looking website? Does my website require features to be built that are unique to my business? If you answer yes, to one or more of the above questions, chances are you need a custom website. However, if you are testing digital marketing for the first time and all the above questions are answered with a “no”, we suggest going with a quick theme-based approach.
To make sure your website ranks well on search engines, hire professionals! Go for a team of SEO professionals that can help create good quality content for your industry, optimise your website for performance and SEO parameters and understand the value of off-page SEO strategy.
Simple. Plan. Know what you want. Research. Once you know what you want, get quotes from multiple agencies. Modify your plan based on these discussions and the budget. Finalise an agency and get started!
Some of the most common mistakes are: not having clarity on requirements, trying to do too much in a limited budget, not testing the website thoroughly, not having a marketing plan for the website and finally not updating the website regularly for bugs and security audits.

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