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How Businesses can talk with Amdavaadi people: TOV and personality of Ahmedabad

Buildings, highway and a megaphone

It’s a lazy Sunday morning, and you are enjoying dhokla at a local eatery in Ahmedabad. Suddenly, you run into an old friend and you casually say: ‘Are baapu, tame ahiyaa, ketla time pachi madyaa”. And by the time your breakfast is over you both crack a business deal together.

That’s Ahmedabad for you – where business deals and partnerships unfold over chai tapri, cafes and the riverfront. As a business, decoding these nuances is key. Pan tame chinta na karo. We have got you covered in this blog. From understanding the unique tone of voice in Ahmedabad to navigating the intricacies of local personality. To pachi? Ae halooo!

Table of contents

  1. A Brief History of Ahmedabad
  2. Tone of Voice and Personality of Ahmedabad
  3. 4 Brand Examples of Ahmedabad’s Tone of Voice
  4. How Businesses Can Talk With Amdaavadi People
  5. Additional Tips for Businesses Related to TOV of Ahmedabad
  6. In Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

A Brief History of Ahmedabad

A bustling city on the Sabarmati River, where history whispers from every corner. That’s Ahmedabad! Back in the 12th century, it was a town called Ashaval. Fast forward to 1411, Sultan Ahmed Shah came in and built a city, naming it after himself.

The Sultan loved the grandeur of the city, towering mosques, intricate carvings and bustling bazaars. Then came the Mughals, adding their elegant touch. But even empires fade, right? So, the Mughal Empire faded and the British came in. They brought railways and mills to Ahmedabad and gave the nickname “Manchester of India” for its booming textile industry.

Mahatma Gandhi made Ahmedabad his “Karmabhumi”, leading marches and protests for freedom. Finally, independent India saw Ahmedabad as its vibrant heart, a melting pot of tradition and modernity, bustling with commerce and creativity.

Tone of Voice and Personality of Ahmedabad

tone of ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, a city that resonates with millions of voices! Picture this: a warm masala chai simmering gently on a stove, whispering tales of ancient bazaars, regal kingdoms and the thriving textile industry.

Ahmedabad’s tone is like a friend: kind, patient and welcoming to everyone. Every greeting begins with a warm “Kem cho?” (How are you?). But don’t take the gentleness for weakness; beneath that soft exterior, the people of Ahmedabad are brimming with ambition and creativity.

Now, Ahmedabad’s personality is like a vintage sari. It is vibrant, rich with history, yet modern. The city carries itself with the confidence of a bustling startup hub, the elegance of centuries-old architecture and a laughter that echoes through its narrow lanes, accompanied by the enticing aroma of spicy street food.

So, what does Ahmedabad’s voice sound like? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and listen. It’s the rhythmic clinking of bangles and the hum of cotton looms. It’s the call to prayer rising above the persistent honking of rickshaws and the echoes of generations resonating within the ancient walls. It’s a melody that lingers, a song that will stay with you long after you have bid farewell to this vibrant city.

4 Brand Examples of Ahmedabad’s Tone of Voice

Examples of effective branding in Ahmedabad

Wagh Bakri

The national tea brand from India has collaborated intelligently with its digital marketing agency, showing a keen understanding of its target audience located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. By tailoring their content to resonate with both Amdaavadis and Gujaratis, they have connected with Ahmedabad’s audience.

wagh bakri instagram profile

For instance, they introduced a Navratri series, acknowledging the significance of this festival for Amdavaadis and Gujjus alike, showcasing a thoughtful approach to audience engagement.

In this particular reel, the brand showed the journey of Gandhiji, who chose Ahmedabad as his karmbhoomi (workplace). By aligning themselves with Ahmedabad’s culture and values, they have not only celebrated local festivals but also honoured significant events, demonstrating a brand that truly understands and respects its audience.


An authentic Italian café nestled in the heart of Ahmedabad, recognises the importance of blending Italian flavours with the vibrant culture of Ahmedabad. Their marketing and content strategy reflects a warm and welcoming tone, mirroring the spirit of Ahmedabad itself.

Take a look at this post as an example:

They showcase not only their delectable Italian offerings but also incorporate the festive spirit of Holi, a celebration cherished in Ahmedabad with immense zeal.

Now, here’s an intriguing one. Ahmedabad, deeply rooted in culture, places immense value on family bonds. Tantissimo captures this essence beautifully in a reel, highlighting the significance of family dining. In a city where people often visit eateries across generations, this reel resonates by featuring the concept of families sharing meals together.


A business offering home-cooked meals via an app has hit the mark with a first small victory – their content primarily in Gujarati. Amdavadis resonate deeply with their mother tongue, making them feel right at home.

Upon closer inspection of their posts, the business cleverly taps into the shared experiences of Gujarati households. This approach adds a layer of relatability to their service, striking a chord with the local audience.

kamaii instagram profile

Now, onto the second win – integrating Amdavaadi slang and humour into their marketing. By incorporating beloved characters like Hansa Ben and Kokila Ben, the brand not only entertains but also creates a connection with their Amdavaadi audience.

Vajra Jewels

A premium jewellery brand from Ahmedabad takes an extra step to connect with Amdaavadi locals. They teamed up with prominent influencers in Ahmedabad, such as Rj Devaki and Aanal Shah. This move accomplished two significant things: it broadened their brand awareness by reaching the influencer’s audience and secondly, it established relatability with their current followers. In today’s world, people deeply resonate with their favourite influencers, trusting their choices. Undoubtedly, a smart and strategic move.

How Businesses Can Talk With Amdaavadi People

Before your business thinks of adopting Ahmedabad’s Tone of voice in advertising, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your brand voice. To make things easy for you we are here to provide a basic understanding of the brand’s tone of voice, including four dimensions from extreme low to extreme high

  • Formal to Casual
  • Serious to Funny
  • Respectful to Inreverent
  • Matter of Fact to Enthusiastic

See where your brand stands on each dimension. For instance, if your brand adopts a funny tone, check whether it’s on the extremely funny side, in the middle or more basic. Extreme funny means a social media presence that mirrors a regular person, making jokes about everything. The middle line suggests a balance between seriousness and humour.

An excellent example of casual and funny is Zomato. They are random like anything. They post about anything and everything in a most casual way.

kamaii instagram profile
Define your target audience

Alright, step one – let’s build a target persona based on your market research. We stress this in all our blogs because it’s a big deal! This persona will shape how you talk to your audience. Check out our blog on creating a target persona for the details. Oh, and just to be clear, a target audience and a target persona are different. A target persona is like a detailed bio of your audience – age, job, likes, dislikes, habits and even what they eat and wear. Get all the nitty-gritty details!

Choose the right platform

Identify which social media platform resonates the most with your target audience. Is it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? Once you have pinpointed their preferred platform, establish your brand’s presence there.

Finalise the tone of voice for each platform

Your tone of voice should blend seamlessly with your brand voice and Ahmedabad’s unique tone. Ensure that neither one overshadows the other. Seeking guidance from an expert digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad can help you refine these nuanced aspects.

Design your content

Next, design your creatives and content on social media platforms in the tone of voice you’ve finalised. Every post should have a clear ‘what’ and ‘how.’ What message are you trying to convey and how will you convey it? Will it be through a reel, a carousel post or a single post?

Analyse and Adapt

Keep a close eye on your account insights to understand which posts resonate with your audience and which ones do not. This valuable information helps you tailor your content to better suit the preferences of your followers.

Additional Tips for Businesses Related to TOV of Ahmedabad

  • Befriend humour – Amdavaadis love a good laugh, especially if it’s mixed with local wit. Don’t shy away from puns, inside jokes and playful references to city life.
  • Go as local as you can – When it comes to content and imagery, showcase the essence of Ahmedabad. Feature local faces, landmarks and stories. Celebrate the city’s hidden gems and lesser-known treasures. Make your audience feel like you are one of them, not just an outsider trying to sell.
  • Don’t forget the festivals – Ahmedabad loves a good celebration! Tap into the city’s festival calendar. Make your communication around upcoming events like Navratri, Diwali or the International Kite Festival. Offer special deals, host contests and share the festive spirit with your audience.

In Conclusion

Talking to Amdavadis is full of unexpected flavours. Embrace the city’s unique tone of voice and you will find a loyal and enthusiastic audience waiting to connect. Remember, authenticity is key. Be genuine, be respectful. If you are looking for a social media marketing company that speaks fluent Amdavadi TOV, well, guess what? We do! We understand the city’s rhythm, its humour and its heart.

Let’s collaborate and help your brand find its voice in Ahmedabad. Contact us at and let’s chat over chai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amdavadis are a bunch of unique personalities. They appreciate authenticity, respect and a touch of local flavour. The right TOV can build trust, resonate with their values and make your brand stand out from the crowd.
The common mistakes to be avoided are Exaggerated Gujarati accent, Generic corporate language and ignoring humour in the content.
Local social media accounts and influencers, marketing agencies with expertise in the Ahmedabad market and local events and workshops.

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