Boost sales: Tap into loyal customers with digital marketing remarketing
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Tap into your loyal customer base & boost sales with remarketing in digital marketing

remarketing in digital marketing

The smooth & delicious Cold Brew is back.
Sleepy Owl is celebrating summer with Cold Brew on discount.
Hurry now:

No, we haven’t pivoted into selling coffee from being a creative advertising agency in Ahmedabad or a digital marketing agency!

But, we’re sure that the above text did remind you of having seen something familiar, either as a text message, email or push notification on the phone. This is an example of a brand trying to lure back its existing customers to keep shopping with them regularly.

This is the brand ‘remarketing’ itself to stay relevant, maintain a loyal customer base and keep the sales going. The example here is of a prominent Indian coffee brand pitching one of its popular summer brews as soon as the weather started getting hotter.

Sleepy Owl is celebrating summer with Cold Brew on discount


Remarketing is a type of marketing activity that focuses on consumers who have previously shown interest in the brand. This interest could be in the form of a visit to the brand’s website, following it on social media marketing, or clicking on any of its ads online.

The idea behind remarketing is to reach out to the most receptive audience and utilize that interest towards the company’s goal like boosting sales with digital marketing. At the core, rekindling the audience’s interest and drawing them back, has more chances of conversions and helps the brand build a loyal audience base.

And before unravelling how to increase sales through digital remarketing, it is important to talk about retargeting.


Remarketing is sometimes considered retargeting. Yes, they do sound eerily similar and both help to boost sales with digital marketing, but there is a slight difference.

Retargeting is usually done to serve ads across various platforms, such as social media and Google Ads Network, to potential customers based on their past interactions on digital mediums with the brand.

Remarketing is reaching out to users and website visitors through messages and emails, by making a sales pitch, with the help of the contact information shared by them while subscribing or while making a purchase earlier.

However, over the years, remarketing has become an umbrella term, of which retargeting is a part alongside the many other marketing activities which engage existing customers and previous visitors.

So how to increase sales through digital marketing targeted to the present customer base?

How to increase sales through digital remarketing

Let us understand this using an example of a remarketing activity that Flora Fountain performed to boost sales with digital marketing as the top digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad for one of our ecommerce clients.

Suppose, Sujith visited, the ecommerce website of Falguni Gruh Udhyog, a well-known farsan and snack store in Ahmedabad. He made some purchases and chose to get them delivered to his friend living in New Delhi.

Now, to complete the purchase, Sujith is required to create a profile on the website, hence providing his email ID and contact number. Secondly, for the delivery to be successful, he will be required to provide his friend’s information, like name, address, email ID and contact number.

Jump to a week later. Both Sujith, who is a direct customer for, and his friend, an indirect consumer, receive an email that looked something like the one below:

 Falguni Gruh Udhyog, a famous farsan and snack store in Ahmedabad

While Sujith ignored the email, it piqued his friend’s interest and later that day, the indirect consumer, ended up visiting the ecommerce website and making a purchase.

And that is how to increase sales through digital marketing or remarketing to be specific! This way you too can boost your sales from digital remarketing.


You can increase sales through digital marketing with any of the following strategies:

EMail and SMS Remarketing

Customers who have previously purchased anything from the brand’s website or subscribed to the newsletter are the target of this strategy. The brand reaches out to them through tailored text messages or emails with specific offers relevant to them, such as promotions or discounts comparable to what they purchased or showed interest in the past.

This list of customers/users can be segmented too. They can be grouped as:

  • Customers who bought a similar product in the past
  • Customers who added products but abandoned their cart before checkout
  • Customers who looked at a product that wasn’t in stock at the time

This type of focused remarketing increases the chances of conversion.

Display Ads on third-party sites

The most prevalent way to boost sales with digital marketing to previously existing customers is by displaying third-party ads.

It entails reaching out through paid marketing, notably display ads on third-party websites, to users who have visited the brand’s website.

Display Ads on third party sites

There are many platforms to run such display remarketing campaigns, and Google Ads is one of the top and most used platforms.

These platforms track the traffic to the brand’s website using cookies and then target users who visited the site with ads for the products and services of the brand.

Display ads appear on websites that are connected to the ad network the brand is using. If a brand uses Google Ads, then its display ads will appear to users when they visit sites that are part of the Google Display Network.

Push notifications

Push notifications

The take on push notifications on ‘how to increase sales through digital marketing’ is the most interesting and perhaps the most personalised one.

These messages exist for both mobile and desktop devices and can be sent either manually or automatically to contact website or app visitors, whose personal information the brand may not have access to.

For instance, if someone who visited a site or opened an app leaves it halfway, a message can be sent to the user’s browser or device encouraging him/her to return to the site and finish the purchase or revisit the site.

Mobile apps even use this method to create recall, engage with users and pitch offers to the user with the idea of drawing them back to the app and making a purchase.

The best part about it is that no matter what the user is doing on the computer or mobile phone, the message will appear as a pop-up notification on the screen, until he/she either clicks it away or opens it, hence there is no ignoring it.


Q1 How Does Remarketing Work?
Remarketing works by using cookies, which are small text files that are stored on a user’s computer or device when they visit a website. These cookies allow brands to track a user’s browsing behaviour and target them with ads as they continue to browse the web.

Q2 What are some benefits of Remarketing?
Boosting sales with digital marketing, increasing conversions, enhancing brand awareness, and improving targeting, are a few benefits of Remarketing.

Q3 How does remarketing impact consumer privacy?
Remarketing relies on the use of cookies to track user behaviour, which has raised concerns about consumer privacy. However, most remarketing platforms allow users to opt out of seeing targeted ads or delete their cookie data if they choose to do so. Additionally, many remarketing platforms adhere to industry standards for data privacy and provide transparency around their data collection practices.

Q4 What are the best ways to increase sales through digital remarketing?
Some of the best practices for remarketing include:

  • Defining your target audience
  • Creating targeted messaging and ads
  • Using compelling ad creative
  • Highlighting your USPs and encouraging CTAs
  • Setting a frequency to avoid overexposure and ad fatigue
  • monitoring and optimising your campaign performance

In Conclusion

Remarketing can be a powerful tool for brands looking to boost sales with digital marketing strategies targeted at previous customers.

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