Pinterest Potential: Guide to Boosting Digital Marketing Strategy
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How to use Pinterest in a brand’s digital marketing strategy

Pinterest could be one of the biggest drivers of traffic

Just pin it! If you’ve come across this term through a friend, colleague, associate or even your mother, you know you’ve got a Pinner. This is a colloquial term used for people who use Pinterest on a regular basis and they have an evolved sense of exploring the internet.

Now, time for some facts! Around 433 million people use Pinterest every month to find ideas and inspire their next purchase. As of January 2022, Pinterest is the 14th largest social media platform in the world with over 60% of their audience being women, and have also witnessed a 30% year on year increase in Indian Pinners aged 25 to 34 years.

This is music to the ears of every top digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad or anywhere in the world. Wondering why? Read on to know how we use Pinterest in our brands’ marketing strategies.

Convert your Pinterest profile into a business page

Pinterest allows its users to create two types of accounts on its platform, i.e. Personal and Business. The business profiles are professional pages and provide the user with various additional tools like Pinterest Analytics, Visual Search Tool, and Pinterest Ads.

If a user already has an account with Pinterest, they can simply create a linked Business account with a completely separate name, bio, links and pins. Another way is to create a new business page from scratch.

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A Pinterest Business Profile must have the official business name, the logo, a short bio introducing the business and a website, if there is one. To verify the website, Pinterest provides the user with a code snippet that they need to place on their site, with the help of a developer or through WordPress plugins.

Plan your content, build a visual story

The end goal of any business is to sell. So it goes without saying that the content that needs to go up on Pinterest should be in line with the services they provide or the products they sell.

People use Pinterest as a Visual Search Engine, specifically when they just have a vague idea of what they want. So, if a business is a retailer or an online store, they must be taking stunning product photos and turning them into pins.

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Now, if a business is a service provider, then they can use infographics, visual data or attractive designs to firstly draw the attraction of the user and then make them click on the provided link to lead them to the website. Such a content strategy is also known as creating lead magnets.

Becomeme a part of the community

The bedrock of Pinterest’s success is the strong communities of like-minded people it fosters on its platform. There’s something for everyone on Pinterest. Engagement is the key to success on Pinterest.

By interacting with other users, followers and their accounts, a business can stimulate interest and loyalty towards the brand, and this holds potential to draw them back to the page for ideas, inspiration or even make a purchase.

Another great Pinterest marketing strategy, which helps get a brand’s content out there, is by being a part of and creating community or group boards. Create group boards, invite other users to come join the community and contribute with their content, join communities similar to the industry and contribute using your own pins which promote the brand and business.

Yeah, Pinterest SEO is a thing!

By using keywords throughout your profile, posts, Pins, and boards, you’ll be more likely to organically appear in users’ feeds and searches. Every leading SEO Company in Ahmedabad and all over the globe would suggest Pinterest as a tool to draw traffic to the website.

A business is more likely to feature on users’ feeds and searches when they use relevant keywords throughout the profile or page. These keywords can be peppered across in the bio and profile, pin descriptions, board titles and descriptions, and even the image alt text to improve the chances of organically ranking through search.

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Further, Pinterest ads also provide a keyword targeting tool to help businesses show their pins to the right audience through paid promotions and increase their conversion rates.

Drive the traffic to your site

One of the most untapped aspects of Pinterest is its ability to drive traffic to the business website. By regularly posting, creating pins and contributing to boards on Pinterest, a business generates interest among users who come across its content. As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Ahmedabad, we engage, educate and delight the followers of our businesses. We engage them with interesting pins, educate them about the products and services on offer, and delight them by drawing them towards the websites and online shops which offer them what they’re seeking for and more.

Start pinning, drive traffic to your website and attract interested people towards your business by ramping up your digital marketing strategy with Pinterest for business using these tips. And the best way to go about it is to get the experts to work, like the creative geniuses at Flora Fountain. Drop us a hi on

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