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Here’s How 5G Will Transform Digital Marketing

The world for over 600 million smartphone users in India can potentially run at 500Mbps! Umm, what? And why is a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad talking about it?

Well understand it this way, with an internet speed of 500 Megabytes transferring every next second you can stream a 4k movie on over 20 separate devices at once or can conduct over 300 Zoom calls together. That is just a glimpse of what the fifth generation of wireless networks can do. It is within this evolving potential of the 5G network that is transforming the digital marketing territory, like more immersive e-commerce experiences and improved consumer interaction for website development companies.

This has got the attention of all the top digital marketing agencies in the world. But what exactly is 5G and how is it remaking digital marketing services? Let’s break down this smorgasbord into digestible chunks, but one byte at a time.

What is 5G: The brilliance of wireless networks?

The genius of 5G lies in the later element: the ‘G’ that stands for ‘Generation’. To unravel it one has to begin with 1980 when the world was introduced to 1G. With a speed of 2.4Kbps, the first generation of wireless networks then only allowed analog for voice calls.

Then in 1991 came in 2G with digital text message support at 50Kbps, this for a digital marketing solutions company would equate to 0.05 Mbps today, not enough to even upload a post! With the advent of 3G and 4G networks came video calls and HD streaming as the internet speed reached around 100 Mbps.

Now with the rise of the 5G networks consumers now get high speed, low buffering or delay, large data capacity, higher connection density and improved overall mobile experience.

As a top provider of digital marketing services and a website developer, Flora Fountain has listed out the potential ways 5G is changing digital marketing strategies and its approach to users.

Impact of 5G on the Digital Marketing in India

5G knocks with enormous opportunities, especially for brands that are willing to leverage more anchored marketing strategies and provide an immersive consumer experience by curating newer mediums and custom-made messaging.

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This can be seen in the following waves of changes:

1. 5G Digital Marketing: The paradox of personalisation

With higher speed and a wide range of connectivity, it is no surprise that the number of internet users will increase greatly. This will also come as an inflow of a new and more dynamic audience base from remote locations.

As a result collecting data under the 5G network will improve massively. This hyper-localisation will give more insights into consumer patterns and behaviour, hence adding a cover of a new segmentation of the target audience.

All this will boil down to the hyper-personalisation of messages and other extensions of communication like media, user interactions, experience creation and an ever-evolving data bank that is always available at the fingertips of a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, Amsterdam or Alexandria.

2. AR & VR will become digital marketing reality

Currently, 500mbps is more than the average network speed of all the nations across the globe, and with the introduction of 5G to daily life digital space will become more efficient with AR and VR as tools for digital marketing.

Even presently Instagram, Snapchat, Apple and many video games have experimented with AR and VR, but once 5G enters the arena with a much larger user base every digital marketing agency will jump for VR ads and special campaigns.

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Apart from this, AR and virtual reality will prove to be a more immersive experience for the consumer as they can in real-time interact with virtually crafted elements and engage more efficiently.

For instance, giving a VR test drive to the consumer at the launch of a new car or website developers can now provide a near-life experience with the products on an e-commerce website. All this will impact the consumers’ purchasing decisions and their journey with the product.

3. Digital marketing levels up with real-time analytics

For most digital marketing agencies in Ahemdabad and the whole of India, it is common to struggle with heavy analytical data. With the introduction of 5G, the collection and analysis of heavy data packs will be more efficient and easy.

Making the whole process centralised, 5G will take a few milliseconds for accumulating and processing real-time analytical data. It also enables the integration of any engagement made by the consumer with the brand. Any kind of action or impression will be stored and monitored in real-time, developing a more intelligent consumer data collection.

Depending upon this, multiple digital marketing solutions or combinations of them can be implemented to target, segmentize or engage the consumers.

4. Videos: the viral digital marketing solution over 5G

At the core of smart digital marketing solutions aided with the 5G network is a bank of high-quality video content. With speedy downloads and reduced buffer time, video content will continue to be at the top of the content pyramid.

The shift will be seen as a further upward push to OTT platforms making more diverse visual motion content a winner in coming years. Digital marketing agencies all over the world will keenly focus on HD graphics, animations and video campaigns and more motion ads over the net as 5G network will favour more view rates and downloads with a seamless connection.

Additionally, 5G network will open more unique collaboration options for digital marketing services as video engagement and social media challenges increase.

5. Mobile e-commerce: the ultimate win for website developers

As a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad with a reach all over India, Flora Fountain understands the biggest impact of high speed and uninterrupted data connection. With more time spent over the mobile screen, mobile e-commerce is surely going to rise.

Hence, having a well-planned, developed and executed e-commerce strategy is essential for brands. Employing a seasoned website developer to build a mobile-friendly interface and conducting a hygiene check regularly will become a must too.

Many brands and digital marketing service providers at a global level have already begun to engage successfully within the 5G network. Then why is it that India is still around with 4G.

Why Aren’t We Able To Use 5G yet?

Most marketing experts and digital marketing agencies witness that for India, incompetent software slows down the growth of 5G. With a standard configuration, outdated mobile systems do not support 5G networks.

On the other side of the rainbow, it is claimed that by 2028, the total  user base of 5G networks in India will reach 690 million subscribers accounting for around 55% of India’s total mobile user base.

Making it potentially the most significant agent of change amidst the digital marketing landscape.

To Wrap Up

It is fundamentally true that digital marketing agencies always keep up with any kind of technological evolution as they present new prospects of engaging, enlightening, entertaining and converting a viewer to a loyal consumer. 5Gg is also the same, the only thing is how quickly you adapt to it.

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