Best digital marketing company in Ahmedabad shares top trends of 2023
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Ahmedabad’s best digital marketing agency reveals 2023’s top trends

A hyper-realistic image of a man wearing a virtual reality headset operating an air screen with his finger

The desire to work with a digital marketing agency that can leverage the latest digital marketing trends motivates every brand and business.

This blog from the top digital marketing expert in Ahmedabad, Flora Fountain, elaborates on the upcoming trends in digital marketing.

Let’s go fishing for the biggest trend of them all!

Top Digital marketing trends of 2023 that every digital marketing agency must know!

  • AI-first approach
  • Rise in VUI
  • More UGC
  • Age of AR-VR
  • Personalisation
  • Game mode on
  • Content drift
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With more data, digital marketing companies will shift to an AI-first approach

AI-first approach

Taking the lead (hopefully not over humanity) is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

As per Forbes, Chatbots and AI will drive marketing trends in the long run. Furthermore, with the speed of machine learning (ML), it is no wonder that by the time 2025 sets in, most top digital marketing experts in Ahmedabad and pan-India will adopt an AI-first approach.

There will be a rise in the use of Chatbots and predictive analytical tools for efficient and mass collection of consumer insights, feedback and data on behavioural patterns. At the same time, AI technologies will enable paced-up and year-round digital customer service.

What is exciting is exploring how the top digital marketing expert will utilise AI for quicker data-driven research and marketing strategies.

However, solely depending on AI and ML for generating campaigns or content is a red flag. Since ML is more data driven and it lacks a swing of creativity and humanised understanding of the audience.

Rise in VUI

A digital banner of Domino’s Pizza’s AnyWare campaign showing their pizza on a table with icons showing various social media platforms

A snippet from Domino’s AnyWare campaign about VUI-integrated ways to order pizza!

Voice User Interface or VUI is among the most exciting trends expanding in the west and slowly reaching India through some of the best digital marketing companies in Ahmedabad and Bombay.

VUI is another exciting trend that we at the best digital marketing company in Ahmedabad have been learning about and tinkering around for some time now. VUI has been in use in the western markets for some time now.

Here is an example of Domino’s AnyWare! By leveraging voice search, Domino’s provided its audience with the comfort of ordering pizzas from multiple VUI devices like Google Home, Alexa, Ford SYNC, the Domino’s app and more.

So whether you are at your home or car, whether you have Alexa or just your smartphone, you could order from Domino’s anywhere using voice commands.

Moreover, with voice marketing, you allow your customer to multitask and easily operate your services in natural language, hence increasing their understanding and overall satisfaction.

As a digital marketing agency, it becomes vital to optimise your website for voice search in 2023. Here are some tips for the same:

  • Use conversational language
  • Use regional linguistic terms
  • Go beyond one language
  • Personalise your content
  • Mobile-optimise your website
  • Enhance domain authority

As voice search becomes more prevalent, businesses that fail to adapt will be left behind.

More UGC

A brand telling why its product is great for you versus an existing customer sharing why the product worked for them has a different impact on potential customers. User Generated Content or UGC is when a brand uses content created by their customer or user in their branding and promotional activity. It strengthens the TRUST factor, as everything shown in such content is REAL, the images, videos, feedback, etc. That is why, we as the best digital marketing company in Ahmedabad, love user-generated content! At its core, UGC focuses on:

  • Building brand reputation
  • Increasing brand interactions
  • Curating a content archive
  • Developing desire among customers
  • Strengthening brand’s SEO

In the new era of digital, UGC will thrive. The bucket for UGC can range from customer testimonials on your website to a full-fledged digital campaign like #ShotoniPhone.

With various new updates coming up regularly on social media platforms, digital marketing agencies can implement UGC campaigns in many interesting ways, like Reels, Stories, Snaps, Carousel Posts, etc. Imagine, an AI vs Artist campaign for a design brand where you encourage the artist community to compete with AI art generator tools with prompts and reveal both the results on Instagram. It could give huge visibility to many artists online!

 A screengrab of the image results on Instagram upon searching #shotoniphone

#shotoniphone gives a lot of marketing leverage to Apple on digital media platforms

This highlights 3 vital points every top digital marketing company must identify:

  • End goal
  • Audience
  • Medium

Rest can be as fun and unique as you want!

Age of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have the potential to create immersive experiences that can engage customers in new and exciting ways which is why the best digital marketing companies in Ahmedabad and India are adopting augmented reality and virtual reality.

Brands want digital agencies that can innovate with the latest technology and personalise the user experience while being more immersive and impactful. And AR is the way to go.

For example, a VR ad that takes viewers on a virtual tour of a new product or service can be a delightful experience.

Glimps of IKEA Place App

Showing how IKEA Place App implement VR

IKEA Place is one such example of how digital marketers can involve the evolving metaverse with the brand. Another wild example comes from Nat Geo’s AR experiment.

What is beneficial about a campaign designed around VR and AR in 2023 is that as it reaches different sets of audiences and ripples out more user-generated content across the web.


Personalisation has been a major trend in digital marketing for years, and it is only expected to continue to grow in importance in 2023. Why?

It is all about data! As marketers strive to personalise their campaigns, they will need to collect and analyse more data about their target audience. This data will come from a variety of sources, including website analytics, social media interactions, and customer feedback.

Now, with this data, digital marketing agencies can personalise Digital marketing campaigns, to provide more tailored and relevant experiences for their customer and increase brand engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction.

We know what you are thinking: “So what is new in 2023 for me and other digital marketing agencies near me

This Zomato push notification is a great example. The use of user names in the messaging, and direct communication approach adds to the personalisation. Linking notifications to their previous orders just completes the game. It also shows that you care.

Zomato's example of Personalisation, a top digital marketing trend

A screengrab of a tweet showing personalised notification in branding, shared by Twitter user @Sainakk4.

top digital marketing: Personalisation

A glimpse of Netflix’s personalised interface.

Another great example of personalisation is seen chilling at Netflix. Right from the suggested videos, and top picks for you, to the ranking and the way videos are organised into rows and pages every little detail is personalised.

Interactive content, push notifications and messaging in a hyper-localised language mix, the choice of design elements that resonate with the audience mix and personalised email campaigns, are a handful of examples of personalisation in digital marketing.

With more data collection, brands will require the aid of agencies that can emphasise efficient data analytics while protecting customer privacy. Marketers will need to be transparent about their data collection practices and give customers control over how their data is used.

Get the game mode on

Among the top digital marketing experts in Ahmedabad, gamification is the hot talk. So what is it and how can it help to game up for 2023?

Gamification is the process of using game mechanics and elements in non-game contexts to increase engagement and motivation. It can be implemented in websites, apps, email, newsletters and even social media campaigns.

And due to its versatility, it has become an increasingly popular technique to engage with consumers and improve brand awareness. Furthermore, it can also improve customer retention and return rate.

MANA shows a perfect example of how gamification can be implemented in websites by modern web design companies.

Representation of MANA website gamification where a curated character jumps over obstacles when the spacebar is pressed

Representation of MANA website gamification where a curated character jumps over obstacles when the spacebar is pressed

Gamification of a digital marketing strategy by Heineken

Snippet of 21 posts out of 200 put by Heineken as a treasure hunt

Social media polls, leaderboards, contests, rewards and quizzes are some ways of gamification. The fun about gamification is that it can be as simple as ‘find the difference’ and as unimagined as Heineken’s Crack US Open contest where they posted 200 images to form a giant tennis audience, among which was the right fan. Those who could identify the right fan would win a ticket giveaway.

Content Drift

2023 is set to bring a drift to digital content curation. These changes include:

  • Rise in video content
  • More inclusivity
  • Localisation of language
  • Personalisation
  • Highly interactive communication
  • Shorter and direct messaging
  • Research-based and data-driven content
  • More visuals
  • Rise in impactful storytelling
  • And purpose-driven content

The nature of content in digital marketing is constantly evolving, driven by changes in technology, consumer behaviour, and cultural trends.

For instance, as attention spans continue to shrink, some of the best digital marketing companies in Ahmedabad are opting for short-form content, more visual and motion representation, with key triggers to encourage participation.

At the same time, language and intent are getting more personalised over email marketing campaigns, and social media ads.

These were a few upcoming digital marketing trends of 2023 that every digital marketing company must adapt to survive and thrive.

To Wrap Up

These were the top digital marketing trends we as the best digital marketing company in Ahmedabad are predicting to see. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it’s likely that we will see even more innovation and experimentation in the digital world.

And as the portal between the virtual and physical, digital marketing has a giant role to play. If you like the blog, share your delight with us on our social media page and if you want to venture into the web of all things cool and creative curated by us, drop us a hello at!

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