How to channel the festive spirit with digital marketing
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Channelling the festive spirit with digital marketing

Digital marketing

“To Market or Not To Market…Digitally?”

That is the question. With festivals knocking on the door and people cashing in on their bonus there will be an increase in spending across different market segments. But who wants to hustle in traffic, reach the market and only to find out that the desired product is out of stock…NOBODY! And why would anyone, when the same product is just a tap away? Don’t forget, 63% of ‘products purchases’ worldwide begin online. So it’s time! To invest in festive marketing, especially online.

What is Festive Marketing

Festive Marketing

But, what exactly is festive marketing and what is in there for me, you may ask. Hear it from us, the best Digital Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad. When a brand capitalises on the spirit of gifting and spending to amplify its visibility and sales then it’s referred to as festive marketing. Seasonal and event-based marketing also constitute festive marketing.

Remember Surf Excel’s #RangAccheHain advertising campaign on Holi? That campaign was grounded in the thought that a festival is always memorable and special when celebrated with family. This heartwarming campaign didn’t just create engagement for the brand but also brought smiles to the viewer’s faces and conveyed a sense of warmth and affinity with the idea of the product.

From television commercials to digital marketing, occasion-based marketing has always allowed brands to adapt and blend the mediums effectively. Cadbury, another case in point, has often put to use its heritage of being a ‘family brand’ to capitalise on the event and festive-based marketing.

With the Madbury campaign, the brand allowed the consumers to create their own customised Cadbury virtually on a website. The intent was to engage customers and explore their local and unique take on their product. The campaign observed 823 million impressions and 17 million fans were engaged.

Why should brands care?

People Look Forward to Spending on special occasions

As per a survey by LocalCircles, Indian consumers have the propensity to make big-ticket purchases during festivals. Because for people it’s a season of consuming, they look forward to spending. Whether it’s Dushhera or Diwali, Raksha Bandhan or Christmas, celebrating has always meant gifting and giving.

It’s imbibed in our culture to spend and give when we are happy, to welcome novel things home. Thus, the festive season opens an enormous amount of opportunities for brands and local companies to drive engagement and conversions. Moreover, extensive lockdowns have altered consumer habits in a significant manner. So, now your brother won’t leave his office early to look for gifts during Raksha Bandhan. He will probably go through a wide range of offers online and give you the most amazing gift you deserve.

So you might want to make the best of the festive season and will be looking for a proficient and reliable Digital Marketing Agency, if yes then Flora Fountain is at your aid. Call us!

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To Cut Through the Clutter

Throughout the festive season, brands and agencies work as a team to devise and execute campaigns. Come monsoon season, agencies start receiving festive briefs. Every brand goes about marketing typical festival themes and offering discounts, even freebies. It’s tricky to stand out during the festive season. Tricky but not impossible, aye? To stand out requires an idea that the right audience can relate to, maybe even remember. Like #RangAccheHain.

The staying power of such ideas makes a brand stronger. And guess where this idea came from? It was thought of by some of the smartest brains churning the brightest ideas to connect with the audience. Flora Fountain, a full-service Digital Agency in Ahmedabad, is a collective of creative and marketing brains armed with relevant experience and aptitude to make our client’s brand stand out from the rest.

Re-Thinking your Marketing during Festivals

A traditional model of digital marketing would be completely different from festive marketing. Usually, a brand would market its products by finding the right target audience, offering discounts, and using Google and Facebook ads to promote their products, etc. However, during festivals, the same strategies would require a little extra planning. Read on to know how you can put festive marketing to use and how brands can put that little extra effort.

Imbibe the Essence

Digital Marketing strategies

Every brand has its own identity, plus every festival is different. Thus, a brand should reflect the festival’s essence. Brands must look for a marketing strategy that could knit the festival with the brand and weave out a creative idea that can help boost sales and image. So, first, try to ponder about ‘why’ your brand wishes to send a certain message before starting to brood about ‘what’ to convey.

For instance, Asian Paints created a Facebook application that allowed its users to play Holi virtually through the ‘Tag a Friend Holi’ application. As a result, 16,755 monthly active Facebook users and 924 Facebook fans were created, which helped raise brand awareness and impart the message of water conservation.

In the same vein Flora Fountain, the best-in-class Digital Marketing Agency can help your brand achieve viable and measurable results.

Leverage digital for maximum gain

Content can be leveraged to link the festival with the brand through festival-relevant keywords. Moreover, redesign your website and social media pages, and make them festive-ready. Your social media posts also convey festive spirits which in turn helps you promote your products and services. Also, make sure to have the landing page on your website.

Like Cadbury’s Badi family Badi Diwali campaign where the brand asked families to share portraits of their special moments on social media using #BadiFamilyBadiDiwali, during which the page was redesigned for the festival. It promoted the idea of sharing delightful moments with loved ones and like Anil Viswanathan, Director of Mondelez India said commenting on the campaign, ‘happiness shared is happiness multiplied.’

Collaborating with influencers that suit the target audience will enhance the discoverability of your products and promotions. Moreover, consumers are looking to spend, so concessions such as fixed-time deals, festive discounts, combos, and gifts will boost customer anticipation, resulting in increased sales and discoverability. Get your social media marketing done right with Flora Fountain, the finest Digital Agency in Ahmedabad.

Create a Festive Calendar

If you are putting together a festive marketing plan, it is important to leave additional time for events and activities to be implemented, since stakeholders would be swamped with work and duties during the holiday season. It is best to integrate a festive calendar as a way to accomplish this.

Besides including a list of festivals and events that engage the target audience, it will also contain pre-planned posts with months, weeks, and days along with the platforms it appears on. Thus, building a social media calendar is a form of self-care since it gives brands the leisure to engage more in the creative process by planning and save time.

Also, check out our blog on creating a content calendar to know more about how and why it plays a vital role in effective social media marketing.

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As the best Digital Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad, we offer complete assistance in setting up your brand digitally. And you know what else comes in handy *drum roll*, blogs like this and a holistic range of services.

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