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6 Tips for Selecting the Right Web Development Company

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It’s 2023. Have you woken up and smelled the coffee yet?

Launching a business today means building a brand that is visible and that can be found. And more often than not, this visibility and searchability is a metric of the brand’s presence on social media platforms and search engines respectively.

Perhaps even before social media or search engine visibility come into play, a business first and foremost needs a reliable digital home in the form of a website. And one of the most critical decisions to impact your business’ branding and marketing success will therefore be : choosing the right web development company for your business. Read on, as we break down these complicated questions into simple bits of information. But first…

Table of content

  1. What does a website development company do
  2. What does a website design company do
  3. Web Development Company vs Web Design Company
  4. Types of web development companies
  5. 6 tips for selecting the right web development agency
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

What does a Website Development Company do

A web development company is a professional firm or agency that specialises in designing, developing and maintaining websites for individuals, businesses or organisations. These companies have a team of skilled teams of project managers, website designers, website developers, quality analysts and database managers who possess expertise in various aspects of web development.

The primary goal of a website development company in Ahmedabad is to create functional and visually appealing websites that align with the client’s requirements and business objectives.

What does a Website Design Company do

On the other hand, a web design company primarily focuses on the visual and aesthetic aspects of creating a website. A website design company in Ahmedabad specialises in designing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) elements to create an engaging and visually appealing website. Their main goal is to create an attractive and intuitive design that enhances the overall user experience.

Web Development Company vs Web Design Company

Wb design and web development companies differ based on the services offered. Although most web development agencies today offer all the services mentioned below, you might be able to find design & branding studios that only offer web designing services.

Web design services include:

Website Structure

Creating the information architecture of the website defining both pages, as well as, how these pages link up in the website’s navigation and through interlinking.

UI/UX Design

Creating the visual layout, typography, colours and graphics of the website to ensure a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Creating visual representations and interactive prototypes to showcase the structure and functionality of the website before development.

A mobile phone with different icons
Wireframe of a mobile application

Graphic Design

Designing logos, icons, images and other visual elements that contribute to the overall look and feel of the website.

Responsive Design

Optimising the design to ensure it is compatible and visually appealing across various devices and screen sizes.

Branding and Identity Design

Developing or refining the client’s branding elements, such as colour schemes and typography, to create a consistent brand presence.

User Experience Optimisation

Focusing on usability and user flow to create an intuitive and enjoyable user experience.
Web development services include:

Web Design

Creating the visual layout, user interface, and user experience (UI/UX) design of the website.

Front-End Development

Implementing the visual design using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create interactive elements and user-facing functionalities.

Back-End Development

Building the server-side infrastructure, integrating databases and writing code to handle data management and website functionality.

Content Management System (CMS) Development

Customising and implementing CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal or Shopify to enable clients to manage their website content easily.

Ecommerce Development

Building online stores, integrating payment gateways and developing secure shopping cart systems for businesses to sell products or services online. Either by using platforms like Magneto, Shopify, Big Commerce etc or custom-coded stores.

Website Maintenance and Support

Providing ongoing support, updates, and maintenance services to ensure the website’s security, performance, and functionality.

Database Integration

Integrating databases and managing data storage to support dynamic content and user interactions.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimising the website’s structure, content and meta tags to improve its visibility and rankings in search engine results. Often SEO services are also provided by web development companies.

SEO optimisation vector illustrating key elements
SEO improves online brand presence

Types of Web Development Companies in Ahmedabad

There are various types of web development companies, each specialising in different aspects of web development. Here are some common types:

Full-Stack Web Development Companies

These companies offer comprehensive web development services, covering all aspects from design to development and maintenance. They have expertise in various technologies and can handle projects of any scale.

Front-end development companies

specialise in designing and creating the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) of a website. They focus on implementing designs, optimising performance and ensuring a seamless user experience across different devices and browsers. Their team of website designers and website developers are adept in using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and its libraries such as React, jQuery etc. For mood boarding, wireframing and designing, they also use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma and Sketch. React development in Ahmedabad is one of the most sought after front-end web development services these days.

Back-End Development Companies

Back-end development companies focus on building the server-side infrastructure and functionality of a website. They handle tasks such as database management, server configuration and writing server-side code to power the website’s features and interactivity. The most common kinds of back-end development services these days are PHP development, Python development, Java development, Ruby Development, Node.js development and more.

Ecommerce Development Companies

Top Ecommerce Website development company specialises in developing ecommerce websites, including online stores and platforms for buying and selling products or services. They have expertise in integrating payment gateways, managing product catalogues, conducting product and concept shoots and implementing secure online transactions. Shopify development in Ahmedabad, WooCommerce development in Ahmedabad, along with Magento and Big Commerce, are some of the major development technologies in demand these days.

Content Management System (CMS) Development Companies

CMS development companies specialise in creating websites using popular content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Wix or WebFlow. They customise and extend the CMS functionality to meet specific client requirements. WordPress development in Ahmedabad is the most popular service in this category.

A laptop with different icons on it
Manage and modify your content with CMS.

Custom Web Development Companies

Custom web development companies build websites from scratch, tailored to the unique needs and specifications of the client. Digital transformation companies in Ahmedabad usually excel in custom web development. And have an expertise in various programming languages (like PHP, JS) and their frameworks (like Laraval, React, Next.js, Node.js) to create fully customised and scalable web solutions.

Mobile App Development Companies

While not strictly web development, mobile app development companies also offer web development services to create mobile-friendly websites or web-based applications optimised for mobile devices

A girl with a laptop and a phone screen
Developing a mobile application

Digital Agencies

Digital marketing companies in Ahmedabad provide a wide range of digital services, including web development. They often have a team of specialists in different areas, such as web design, development, SEO services and digital marketing, offering comprehensive solutions for a businesses’ online presence.

UI/UX Design Agencies

Also known as web design agencies, these focus primarily on creating visually appealing and user-friendly website designs. They specialise in designing intuitive interfaces, wireframing, prototyping and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Software Development Companies

Although broader in scope, software development companies may also offer web development services. They specialise in building complex web applications, enterprise-level systems or software solutions that require extensive back-end development and integration.

Also it’s important to understand that the above categories are not mutually exclusive. Some companies may very well offer a combination of services. It’s important to evaluate a company’s expertise, portfolio and client reviews to ensure they align with your specific project requirements. More on how to select the right web development company from all the various options available for your business.

6 Tips for Selecting the Right Web Development Agency in Ahmedabad

Selecting the right web development agency in Ahmedabad will be one of the most important vendor selections you can make for your business today. From first impression to generating a lead, a website will impact everything from the branding to the marketing and sales of your business. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you make this super critical decision:

Define Your Requirements

Before searching for a web development company, clearly define your project requirements. Consider the type of website you need, its features, functionalities, design preferences and any specific technology or platform requirements. This will help you find a company with expertise in your desired areas. For example, will your customer make a sale online, fill out a form for product query or just visit your website for more information. Depending on how you answer the above, you might need an ecommerce website, a lead generation website or a simple branding or portfolio website. In short, your website requirements will help define:

  • Custom website or template-based website
  • Technology stack of your website
  • Adaptive or responsive website
  • Ecommerce or product display or branding website
  • Multiple-language support
  • Design language
  • Maintenance support required
  • Launch support required
  • And other such features & functionalities

Evaluate the Agency’s Portfolio

Take the time to review the web design company’s portfolio and examine their previous projects. Look for examples that align with your industry or business niche to get a sense of their capabilities. Pay attention to the design, functionality, user experience and responsiveness of the websites they have developed. Maybe they excel in food or fashion over manufacturing companies’ websites? Here are some things to keep in mind as you evaluation the web development company’s portfolio:

  • Industries worked in
  • Design sensibilities
  • Detail-oriented
  • Research-skills
  • Processes followed
  • On-time delivery

Check Client Testimonials and Reviews

Go online and do a bit of research of your own. Read testimonials or reviews from previous clients to gauge the company’s reputation and client satisfaction on platforms such as Google My Business(GMB) or Clutch. Look for feedback related to their communication, project management, timely delivery and post-launch support. You can also ask for references and directly contact their previous clients to gather more insights.

Assess Expertise & Team

Consider the expertise and skills of the web development company’s team. Evaluate their proficiency in the technologies, programming languages and frameworks relevant to your project. This can include front-end, back-end, database and server technologies and also includes, the often neglected, testing or quality analysis proficiency. A company that keeps up with the latest technologies can deliver a more modern and future-friendly website. At the same time, a team that is thorough in programming and testing is more likely to build a website that works bug-free and reliably across web platforms and devices.

Communication and Project Management

Effective communication and project management are vital for a successful collaboration. Evaluate how the company communicates, whether they are responsive, and how they handle project milestones, deadlines and feedback. For most startups, web development companies that implement agile methodologies work better. This means that in addition to programmers, designers and testers, a successful website design company in Ahmedabad should also have a team of capable website project managers. Their transparent and efficient communication process can ensure a smooth website development workflow and avoid misunderstandings.

Consider Budget and Cost

This one goes without saying! While cost shouldn’t be the sole determining factor, it’s important to consider your budget and the web development company’s pricing structure. Request detailed website proposals or quotes from multiple web development companies and compare the services offered, the scope of work and the estimated timeline. Balance the cost with the company’s expertise, quality, and the value they can deliver.

In Conclusion

By following these tips, you can narrow down your options and select a web development company in Ahmedabad that aligns with your requirements, has a proven track record, offers the right expertise, and provides effective communication and project management. A well-chosen web development partner can bring your vision to life and help you achieve your online goals.
If you still have questions and would like to speak with a real human about your very human queries, drop us an email on hello@florafountain.com and someone will get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The services offered by web design companies are different from those offered by a web development company. Web design services focus on the visual and graphical aspect of the website, whereas, web development services include the whole gamut of designing, building, testing, launching and maintaining the website.
Most full-service digital marketing companies do offer web design and web development services, in addition to, social media management, seo services, ecommerce development, branding and research services etc.
Custom website development involves designing every webpage from scratch in a design tool with custom features for each page. Once the look and feel and flow is designed, each page and functionality of the website is custom-coded for a pixel-perfect output across various devices. The custom functionality is usually built in a back-end language like PHP or Python, whereas, the custom design is usually coded in a front-end stack that includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript (or its frameworks like React, jQuery etc). Theme or template-based website development usually includes modifying any one of the themes or templates available online and modifying it for basics like font, colour etc.
Website development costs in Ahmedabad can start from as low as Rs. 50,000 for a template-based website to anywhere up to Rs. 15,00,000 for a completely custom design website. The actual costs depend on the requirements, features, tech stacks, complexity of design and so on.

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